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Remember when we used to spend our summer holidays and free time after school tinkering with LEGO blocks, and sometimes trudging on them with our feet? Fun times, right? But, LEGO is no longer considered child’s play! Master builders, artists and LEGO enthusiasts around the world create awesome LEGO constructions that will blow your mind. They are the result of their hours of dedication, attention to detail, hard work and creativity. They can be considered works of art, and I enjoy browsing these creations, admiring them and feeling an intense surge of satisfaction with their perfection. And, we have selected the best of the lot for you to drool and go gaga!

1. The New Back to the Future LEGO Machine

The new LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine is improved, detailed and better than ever! The jazzed-up build features a Flux Capacitor light brick, gullwing doors and printed dash dates. You can add the different equipment from different parts of the movie – including the lightning rod from the first movie and the hood-mounted circuit from Part III!

2. Iron Man Mk 43

Created by LEGO Master Builder Ransom_Fern, the Iron Man Mk 43 is actually a mix of two separate LEGO sets: the Infinity Saga Iron Man (code 76206) and the Eternals in Arishem’s Shadow kit (76155). The result is a figure much larger than the original Infinity Saga build, and arguably better looking too. Ransom_Fern spent two full months assembling this piece and the result is a much more proportional action figure, with a better figure, great stance, and the same classic appeal.

3. Fairground collection set 10303 Loop Coaster

LEGO has released the Fairground Collection 10303 Loop Coaster set as part of the Creator Expert series which releases a unique set every two years. Using kinetic energy to complete the ride in one motion is an incredible feat in itself, as the size of the 36-inch-tall LEGO set is still compact across the board. The 11 minifigs are lifted up from the coaster on an elevator using the winding motion of a manual crank. There’s also the option of automating the feature with an engine upgrade if you’re willing to pay more money.

4. LEGO Speed ​​Champions

This LEGO playset with 2 Mercedes-AMG racers lets you collect, build and race your very own LEGO speed champion. In fact, it’s just like the real thing – it’s been given genuine Mercedes design details. This one is a must have for LEGO lovers!

5. The LEGO Kumbi Saleh 3020 CE

Using over 100,000 LEGO pieces, the designer Ekow Nimako imagine the Kumbi Saleh 3020 CE a Ghanaian metropolis 1000 years in the future. This artwork is the centerpiece of his exhibit titled Building Black Civilizations and features detail like you’ve never seen before, almost reminiscent of the Game of Thrones title sequence!

6. The Castle Fan

LEGO Stefano Boeri Vertical Forest Milan

TheCasleFan, a LEGO builder who celebrates Boeri’s creations, has created a tiny replica of Boeri’s Milan project. The building is a scaled-down caricature of the original 2014 structure called Bosco Verticale, or vertical forest in Italian. The LEGO MOC (My Own Creation) by TheCastleFan really nails the details beautifully. The building is dotted with what really looks like countless plants, perched not only on each floor, but also along the walls. The balconies are accompanied by creepers that descend downwards, and the solar panels on the terrace give a greener touch to the green building!

7. The Classic LEGO Telephone

Made from 572 bricks, the LEGO Classic Phone was born from the mind of a master LEGO builder named Brick Dangerous. Inspired by a Paramount Collector Classic Series brand, they set out to create a replica that could decorate any corner of the house, filling the void left by the landline telephone that was the norm in every modern home before the year 2000.

8. The LEGO Batmobile

Inspired by the plot of the roller coaster movie, TaeYang Lee tried to recreate the mood of the film but failed to live up to his own expectations. Later, he discovered Mecabricks, a LEGO modeling tool, and that’s how this awesome build was born. Much like the on-screen Batmobile, this one also takes place in a dark, dark world that amplifies its sinister character. Those beaming headlights that seem to stare you straight in the eye, or the blazing exhaust that warns you not to cross the periphery!

9. LEGO Luke Skywalker’s sturdy X-34 Landspeeder

Well, it’s time for Luke Skywalker’s rugged X-34 Landspeeder to take on LEGO form. Yes, the 1,890-piece LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder set has officially arrived. The iconic orange Landspeeder set is 19 inches long and comes with a detailed rendition of the turbine engine displayed on the left, a curved windshield and cute little minifigures. Priced at $199, this detailed rendition of LEGO bricks isn’t cheap, but nothing’s too much for Star Wars fans, is it?

10. LEGO Globe

Once the user has assembled this delicate LEGO set piece by piece, it also spins and the printed names of the continents and oceans glow in the dark. According to Federico Begher, LEGO Group Global Adult Marketing Manager, “What’s so wonderful about this set is that with a little imagination, it lets fans experience the world through LEGO bricks. The globe is a symbol of future travel dreams and aspirations for anyone looking for a bit of adventure or for anyone looking to learn more about our world.

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