LADWP Recognizes Production Company, Industry, and California Department of Parks and Recreation for Their Artistic Use of Reclaimed Water

Caption: From left to right, Marvin Schober, Reclaimed Water Utilities Specialist LADWP; Rafael Villegas, LADWP program manager for Operation NEXT; Stephanie Campbell, Superintendent of Los Angeles State Historic Park; Craig Sap, Acting District Superintendent for the California Department of Parks and Recreation, Hana Sooyeon Kim, Chief Set Designer for “Sweet Land,” The Industry; Marian Perez-Seda, production manager for “Sweet Land”, The Industry; Jesus Gonzalez, LADWP Recycled Water Policy Manager; Edneisha Lee, Utility Specialist LADWP Premier Accounts; John Lockett, Reclaimed Water Utilities Specialist LADWP

May 4, 2022 (LOS ANGELES) – The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) recently honored both the State of California, the Department of Parks and Recreation and the production company The Industry for the production of “Sweet Land” held at Los Angeles State Historic Park in Chinatown for their creative and unique use of recycled water.

State Parks and Recreation and Industry designed an immersive experience using the park’s reclaimed water irrigation system, instead of drinking water, to create a water spray feature that has served as a backdrop for the images projected on their outdoor stage. “Sweet Land” was performed at the park from February to March 2020

At an awards ceremony hosted by LADWP and held at the park, LADWP representatives presented California State Parks and Industry representatives with the 2021 Customer Award of recycled water of the year.

The Recycled Water Customer Award is a unique recognition of LADWP’s reclaimed water customers and their achievements in water conservation and sustainability. The aim of the award is to increase awareness of water recycling best practices and the benefits they can bring to organizational operations, finances and the overall environment we all share.

This is the ninth year that LADWP has recognized a recycled water customer for their efforts to increase the use of recycled water in the City of Los Angeles, but this is the first time that they have recognized a customer for their artistic use of recycled water.

Operated by the State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation, the Los Angeles State Historic Park has been LADWP’s recycled water client since 2017, using recycled water for irrigation. Since then, the park has compensated enough drinking water to serve more than 1,400 homes.

But it’s the park’s creative use of recycled water that has earned LADWP special recognition this year.

“The 2021 Recycled Water Customer of the Year recipient has taken historic steps to use only recycled water in the production of the ‘Sweet Land’ park, overcoming technical hurdles to ensure its production was in full compliance with public health regulations for the use of reclaimed water,” said Rafael Villegas, Operation NEXT Program Manager. “This new and different way of reusing water is a true testament to our client’s commitment to water management and environmental conservation.

“This production was truly a fabulous and innovative experience,” said Craig Sap, acting district superintendent for the California Department of Parks and Recreation. “We opened this park understanding the need to be sustainable when it comes to water use, and working with LADWP has been an incredible experience. We really want to thank LADWP, The Industry, all the performers and everyone who worked for The Industry.

“We are very grateful for all the help from LADWP. The production paid homage to the land where we held the performances, and especially to the water that flows through the land. Hopefully the arts community can work with the City of Los Angeles to come up with more creative solutions to ensure a sustainable water supply,” said Yuval Sharon, Director of Sweet Land, the Industry.

LADWP remains focused on its goal of promoting the benefits and safety of water recycled for non-potable purposes through public engagement and stakeholder partnerships.

Looking to the future, LADWP invests in resilient and sustainable local water supplies through groundwater recharge, stormwater capture, additional conservation, maximizing water recycling, and developing water resources. a new local water source using purified recycled water. This includes the bold initiative, Operation NEXT, which aims to provide a new local water supply from recycled water by recycling 100% of the City’s wastewater from the City’s wastewater treatment facilities. The program aims to maximize the production of purified recycled water from Hyperion’s water reclamation plant to replenish our groundwater ponds.

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Past recipients of Reclaimed Water Customer of the Year:

2013 Gibson Ranch
2014 Campus in Playa Vista
2015 Van Nuys High School
2016 WRD: Barrier against seawater intrusion Dominguez Gap
2017 City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks
Griffith Park Los Feliz Golf Course 2018
Woodley Park 2019
Google 2020: Spruce Goose cooling towers
Los Angeles State Historic Park 2021: “Sweet Land”

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