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LAHORE: A play called ‘Khilona’ was staged by Nasty Productions at the Alhamra Art Centre, The Mall on Saturday night. The production group is made up of students from different colleges and universities.

Among the actors, some are graduates and some graduated from different educational institutions.

The theme of the two-act play revolves around superstitions and how humans fall under the influence of jinn. The flow of the story was interesting and suspenseful, while the background music tracks and lighting effects added to the suspense. The set was realistic and sometimes symbolic as the props on set were continually changed.

According to the play’s director, Nayum Faruki, “Khilona is an acclaimed original Pakistani play, a thriller that surrounds two estranged childhood friends, Amna and Hira. Hira develops a relationship with a mysterious dark entity. This relationship leads to Hira’s demise, leaving the Dark Entity in search of someone who can help him achieve his goal. Years later, Amna and her family must face the darkness left behind by Hira.

The story goes that a jinn defeats three members of a family one by one. They are taken to pirs who try to rescue the afflicted souls.

The play was directed by Nayum Faruki, while the assistant director was Muneer Yamin, and the script was by Taimour Mushtaq, Ali Qasim and Muneer Yamin. The production team included Asad Tariq and Ayemun Asim, and the play’s social media was handled by Eesha Sajjad. Set design and costumes were by Minahil Hafeez and the choreographer was Shayan Khawaja. The cast included Samawia Zaman as Khadijah Aziz, Meera as Sherbano Rehmani, Ali Qasim as the lead role, and Amna as Anam Husain.

The other actors were Faheem, Jabbar and Yahya Saqib. The demons were played by Taimour Mushtaq, Asad Mustafa Khan, Mashal Khan, Rayan Faisal, Muhammad Anees Qureshi and Usman Zia. Demonic entries were from Shayan Khawaja, Syed Haazique Bin Waheed, Mateen Jutt, Kamran Baloch, Ali Qasim and Ali Bhatti. Usman Zia played the role of a pir.

Posted in Dawn, April 4, 2022

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