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Governor Kemp rolls out economic plan

ATLANTA — A day after Stacey Abrams revealed her economic plan, Governor Brian Kemp made his own big economic announcement.

Kemp said it was another banner year for Georgia’s economy.

“We tell people all the time that we live in the best state to live, work and raise our families. And that’s the great state of Georgia. I believe that more than ever,” Kemp said.

Just three months before election day, Kemp announced what he says will be another banner year for Georgia’s economy.

On Capitol Hill, he told reporters that the amount of investment and job creation in the state over the past fiscal year shattered previous state records.


“These are records that we will continue to build on because, as you know, we are never content to rest on our laurels here in Georgia,” Kemp said.

The governor says 50,000 jobs have been created in the state over the past year.

The governor’s announcement comes a day after his opponent, Stacey Abrams, announced its own economic plansaying she would use the state budget surplus to expand Medicaid.

“We can do it now. The math proves we can do it without raising a penny in taxes, and my plan is how we get there,” Abrams said.

Abrams said part of his economic plan also strongly supports legalizing gambling in Georgia.


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