“Job creation is the only way to stabilize the economy” – Pakistan


KARACHI: Altaf Shakoor, chairman of Pasban’s Democratic Party (PDP), said job creation is the only way to stabilize the country’s economy and the government should give priority attention to this issue.

He said that Pakistan is a lucky country with a huge population of young people, but at the same time, it is also unfortunate that a large majority of our young people are unemployed. He said that if the government manages to introduce policies aimed at creating jobs, including self-employment opportunities for these young people, our economy will surely be self-sufficient.

He said that Pakistan has huge potential to absorb its huge available manpower both in industry and agriculture, and all it needs is to correct the direction of our policy makers.

Altaf Shakoor said that since Pakistan is an agricultural country, it is forced to import wheat, cotton, cooking oil, tea and other edibles.

He said that despite having a long coastal belt, we have failed to cultivate oil palms on a commercial basis and that apart from having a suitable climate in hilly areas, we have failed to establish tea gardens.

He said that if we only made the country self-sufficient in cooking oil and tea, billions of rupees from the public treasury could be saved.

He said that we waste precious water in flood irrigation methods which could be saved if we adopt drip irrigation methods.

He said the country was going to run out of water but the government remained inactive.

He said it was time to introduce a water emergency to stop the country turning into a desert land in the near future.

He said all available resources should be allocated to building water reservoirs.

He said it was also necessary to deal with the stopping of river water flows to Pakistan by India, which he called water terrorism.

He said that our industrial sector has been orphaned by successive governments. He said we always import products that could be easily produced locally.

He said automobiles, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, mobile phones, computers and solar-powered gadgets could be easily produced locally and their importation should be banned or heavily taxed to encourage local production.

He said we should be a nation of manufacturers instead of a nation of sellers of foreign-made products.

He said Karachi is the mother of job creation for Pakistan but the port city is badly neglected at both provincial and federal level.

He said Karachi’s civic infrastructure is crumbling and its citizens are deprived of modern urban facilities, creating frustration. He said Karachi’s public transport sector is the worst in the whole world.

He said that no other megacity in the world still has such a poor public transport system.

He said the Federal Government had given the Green Line RBT for Karachi, but its critical second phase of Mazar-e-Quaid at Meriwether Tower was still in limbo.

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