Jackky Bhagnani’s Upcoming RVD Creation ‘Raaz’ Creates Buzz



Jackky Bhagnani’s Jjust Music has released one truly amazing song after another and now they’re here with the title of their next touching tune by RVD, a soulful creation “Raaz”.

It’s a melodious song by an independent rap artist, RVD, who talks about his potential lover to become his secret because that way, she will go down in the grave with him and stay with him forever.

The song captures a glimpse of the feelings that bring a boy closer to his lover’s emotions by encapsulating his zest to involve him in his life a secret that will stay with him for life.

Noting his deepest emotions learned from his life, RVD beautifully communicates through his artistry of music a sense of true happiness that can only be enjoyed and enjoyed in complete privacy as the unconditional bond they share is completely sacred. that the world will not understand as they are not in our place.

Plus, the artist in a real sense, RVD is an artist who’s gotten all the love in the world but struggles and deals with his own loneliness by making music, he talks about how he learned ‘you can’t being alone if you “feel good alone” in the process, and only through music can it express those thoughts.

He is an artist who makes modernized music with a mix of cultural touches in Urdu and Punjabi languages ​​which makes him stand out from the general crowd.

RVD is an independent rap artist from Kolkata, West Bengal who is making a big splash on the east side. Performed alongside pan-Indian artists like Mohit Chauhan, Dino James, Zareen, Kayan, Gully Gang, etc.

With tracks like “Riha” and “Iteyhaas” performing extremely well, RVD even garnered a lot of attention and traction in the general crowd and in the gaming world on a pan-Indian basis.

Meanwhile, Jjust Music grabbed headlines for their PAN India debut music video Mashooka featuring bold and offbeat Rakul Preet. The song turned out to be a huge hit and was well received by the audience.

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