“It’s time to up the game in content creation,” says Arun Narwal, a high-performing fitness influencer


Much has been said about how young people have done exceptionally well in their careers and how they have made the most of opportunities in their respective industries to reach the next level of success. While that’s easier said than done, a few people have shown the world what it really takes to become top releases and how they can excel in their niches to achieve the career success they desire. Among the many people we heard of to grow up in their industries, we couldn’t help but notice the rapid rise of a talented young Indian who knew what he was looking for in life and then did all the possible efforts to live his dreams. We are talking about Arun Narwal, a young talent and fitness influencer from India who is now settled in California, USA.

It took people by surprise with its engaging content on lifestyle, cars, fitness and more.

He is the one who presents his Californian lifestyle very nicely to his followers and audience via social networks and thus brings together a mammoth of fans from all over the world, who identify with his content, find it relevant and appreciate the same thing. However, Arun Narwal believes that since social media has grown by leaps and bounds and there has been a flood of top social media influencers over the past few years, it is time for budding talents in the digital world to up their game in content creation.

Arun Narwal, who enjoys creating entertaining videos and posts about his love for cars, travel and fitness, says he always knew the competition he might face in the industry, but his consistency in creating unique content and delivering a new and refreshing vibe with each of its posts has helped it stay different from the rest of the industry. Therefore, he suggests the same to other aspiring influencers to always make sure to give something new to the audience and up their game in content creation.

As a fitness and Instagram model and social media influencer, Arun Narwal spares no effort to entertain her audience with her engaging content. Find out more about him through his Instagram @arunnarwalofficial.

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