It’s done here! MCCTC students discover Trivium Manufacturing


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – There are things made in Youngstown that are shipped all over the world. Trivium makes products that can be found on almost every shelf in the store.

Its recyclable aluminum threaded bottles contain beverages, personal care products and home care items.
Trivium hosted a crafting day on Friday to let people know what it is doing.

A group of MCCTC students toured the production area and learned why manufacturing is important to Youngstown and how they can be involved.

“One of the products we make is canned cheese. And they are like OMG! Is it done here in Youngstown? Truly? It was pretty cool to see the excitement on their faces knowing that here in Youngstown we are making things that they see every day, and they are thrilled, ”said Michael Wood, director of Plant Trivium.

Trivium is hoping that some of them may be part of the workforce in the future, realizing that manufacturing is vital to Youngstown.

Trivium is recruiting right now and you can apply online.

The company has been based in Youngstown since 1993 and was previously known as Exal.

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