Israeli CoPro 24 Co-Production Market Sets In-Person Return – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Tel Aviv’s CoPro 24 — Israel’s co-production market will once again welcome the international documentary community for the first time in two years later this month. The event, which over the years has unveiled award-winning features such as The gardians and Lawyeralso unveiled an initial list of 13 projects.

CoPro 24, organized by CoPro – Israel Content Marketing Foundation, will take place from May 31 to June 3 in Israel’s second city, the first time it has been held in person since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020. event aims to expose Israeli projects to the international market at an early stage and includes presentations, screenings and meetings.

The decision-makers present, including Igal Svet, vice-president of documentaries at Discovery+, Renaud Allilaire, editor-in-chief of France Télévisions, and Philippa Kowarsky, editor-in-chief of BBC Storyville, as well as Catherine Le Goff, editor-in-chief of Arte GEIE , Patrizia Mancini, sales agent for Deckert Distribution, and Mandy Chang, head of documentaries in Fremantle.

Thirteen initial projects have been selected for the event, including a first installment of seven for its co-production pitch forum on May 31, which will be presented to 50 international doc execs. These include Avida Livonia Contract with the Devil?, Michal’s Psychopaths from Limor Pinhasov and Liran Atzmor Sapir. Scroll down for a full overview.

The Close Encounters course, intended for projects at different stages of development, will include veteran director Yair Qedar Freud against Freudwhich tells the story of the father of psychology in four episodes using some of the 30,000 letters he left and is for Israeli broadcaster Kan 11.

Seven high-profile, rough-cut documentaries will be made available on CoPro’s DocuShuk screening platform, with filmmakers showcasing their projects for the first time in 30-minute preview sessions. The first of them is Being Terez Halasawhich is by Rozeen Bisharat and is for Hot 8. It looks at how chance and history collide in an intergenerational encounter between two Israeli-born Palestinian women.

Additionally, the Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival will be running simultaneously, with 13 films already appearing as CoPro previews. These include H2: The Occupation Laboratory — which counts among its supporters the European public broadcasters France Télévisions, RTBF, RTS, SVT and YLE — and The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapesby Yariv Mozer and for Sipur and MGM.

CoPro was launched more than two decades ago and its organizers say it has been responsible for more than 600 deals and $30 million in funding for Israeli productions during that time. Notably, Dror Moreh’s Academy Award-nominated The gardians and Rachel’s Emmy winner Leah Jones Lawyer were exhibited for the first time to the international market during the event.

“We are delighted to welcome the global documentary industry back to Tel Aviv this year. On-site events are essential for our ecosystem and I am happy to be back after two years of social distancing,” said Pnina Halfon Lang, Executive Director of CoPro.

CoPro 24: 12 initial projects

Being Terez Halasa
Director: Rozeen Bisharat
Producer: Osnat Trabelsi
Chance and history collide in an intergenerational encounter between two Palestinians born in Israel. Broadcaster: Hot 8

The camera of Doctor Morris
Directed by: Itamar Alcalay and Meital Zvieli
Broadcasters: Arte, RBB, YesDocu
Finished. Premieres at Docaviv 2022.

Contract with the Devil?
Director: Avida Livni
The story of the incredible understanding between the Nazi regime and the leaders of Israel’s Jewish community. Broadcaster: Hot 8

The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes
Director: Yariv Mozer
Broadcasters: Sipur, MGM
Finished. Premieres at Docaviv 2022.

Freud vs. Freud
Director: Yair Qedar
Freud left 30,000 letters. In the documentary feature, these letters will help tell Freud’s story in four episodes whose common theme is overcoming. Broadcaster: KAN 11

H2: The Occupation Laboratory
Directors: Idit Avrahami and Noam Sheizaf
Broadcasters: France Télévisions, RTBF, RTS, SVT, YLE, Hot 8
Finished. Premieres at Docaviv 2022.

Michal’s Psychopaths
Director: Limor Pinhasov
In an attempt to understand his father, Michal embarks on a journey into the minds of the world’s most infamous psychopaths. Broadcaster: KAN 11

my game changer
Directors: Nevet Mazor and Liran Atzmor
An autistic’s journey to learn from other gamers overseas how to handle life’s challenges.

Director: Keren Alexander
In the largest Jewish cemetery in Jerusalem, there is no more space, so it was decided to dig underground. 17 stories deep in the heart of the mountain, a massive burial project is being excavated with over 23,000 new kosher graves. Necropolis is a creative documentary that tells a vivid story about the life and death of Jerusalem.

Poem for Aseel
Director: Roy Cohen
An Israeli navigates a world where his childhood friend became Shaheed

Director: Liran Atzmor
The story of Sapir Berman – the first transgender professional league football referee in the Premier League. Broadcaster: Keshet 12

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