iQIYI produces test films through virtual production, leveraging digital assets in content strategy



The two films, with The wind blows from Buliangjing with real actors, Xin Nian featuring iQIYI’s virtual idols as characters, marked the first time that 4K virtual production at the film and television level was carried out in China.

Both films adopt standards for TV and film series production and complement off-screen expansion and prominent AR overlay with in-house developed staples. The program achieves a technological breakthrough in the industry as it has created a comprehensive digital asset application process, an important step in helping iQIYI realize its goal of building a “virtual city of film and television”. Repeated applications of these digital assets will help to significantly reduce the marginal cost of producing sets. Data shows that the application of digital assets in the TV and film industry can save about 30% of the production cost.

ZHU Liang, vice president of iQIYI and responsible for intelligent production, points out that “since the virtual setting can be used repeatedly, it greatly reduces the cost of building physical sets and allows endless possibilities, because the scenery can be used for a variety of productions, such as virtual performances, games, murder mystery games, metaverses and others.

Buliangjing’s physical set was built by the production team in 65 days in an indoor space of 5,000 square meters. Using digital technologies, iQIYI transformed a life-size replica of Buliangjing communities into a virtual asset and used for movies. In the example of The wind blows from Buliangjing, by filming real actors in a virtual setting, iQIYI tells a complete story with real-time visual effects. YAN Daiyao, director of Luoyang, says, “Leveraging digital resources in Luoyang, we extract the set from Buliangjing to display on an LED panel, creating a powerful comparison between real and virtual settings while leaving space for the actors to perform and create strong dramatic tension.”

In recent years, virtual production has revolutionized film and television technology as it enables quality production and innovative audiovisual forms and collaborative approaches. Mastering the technology of LED virtual shooting and XR-powered virtual performance production, iQIYI’s virtual production team has accumulated vast experience in producing high-quality content. At the end of 2020, iQIYI unveiled a 1,000 square meter virtual production base in the Dachang Movie Town in Langfang, Hebei Province; in March 2021, iQIYI held an XR live Cloud Show “X-City” performed by Chinese girl group THE9; in June, iQIYI launched the new QIYU 3 all-in-one VR headset, and the product launch event was broadcast live to millions of fans via XR technology.

LIU Wenfeng, CTO of iQIYI and President of Intelligent Content Infrastructure and Distribution (IIG) Business Group, once shared, digital assets can connect more content in the future, allowing users to interact in depth with a IP address in a world beyond our physical reality. As part of the plan, the January the 21st, iQIYI has announced the launch of its first set of digital collectibles based on iQIYI’s popular original drama series Luoyang, making them the first vintage digital collectibles released in China. Including a total of 6,000 copies of six antique-inspired objects from Luoyang as well as 500 copies of a key location in which the show takes place, the set sold out in just seven hours after its release.

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