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A working session to discuss the proposed changes to the county’s building height restrictions and the dune protection ordinance will be held at 6 p.m. on December 1 at the St. Simons Casino.

The special working session of the Islands Planning Commission was scheduled after Glynn County commissioners voted to postpone the vote until a workshop was held.

Commissioners will consider a proposal to amend the zoning ordinance to reduce the development setback line from 40 feet to 25 feet in areas with an active / stable dune sequence and to increase the development setback line from 40 feet to 25 feet. 20 feet to 25 feet for areas without a stable dune sequence. Landscaping will be removed as a use requiring a conditional use permit.

In a meeting earlier this month to discuss proposed changes to the setbacks, an official from the One Hundred Miles environmental group raised concerns about the proposed changes, as the setbacks serve an important function, especially with sea ​​level rise.

The workshop will also include possible exceptions to the 35-foot height restriction on St. Simons Island for certain Resort Commercial zoned properties.

The intention of the proposal is to reduce the density on the island.

The proposed changes are being considered so that the local ordinance meets the requirements of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The county ordinance is more restrictive than the state ordinance.

Wednesday’s meeting at the Casino building will be held in Room 108. The Island Planning Commission will consider the proposed changes to the ordinance at the December 14 meeting.

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