How Sioux Falls Schools Are Getting Started With Content Creation


Simplified: Sioux Falls Schools has a new website, app and new focus on creating content to connect the community to schools.

why is it important

  • Every building in the Sioux Falls School District will have someone dedicated to finding stories, photos, videos or a combination of all three to be shared via social media and the district’s new app.
  • The app and website were rolled out earlier this year as part of the district’s ongoing program effort to better connect with the community, and new content creator positions help make it more “popular,” said DeeAnn Konrad, community relations coordinator.
  • Content creators – whose full-time jobs vary from building to building, but can include teachers, office workers or educational assistants – receive an additional stipend ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 per year. This puts the total cost of approximately $60,000 per year.

“Our goal is to help families feel better connected to their schools,” Konrad said. “We hope our parents find value in it and find comfort in it.”

What types of content will be shared?

These can be event-based messages like a sporting event or concertsaid Konrad, or a photo and story about a staff member who deserves recognition.

Or, it could be a slice of life picture of students walking down the hall.

“We work really hard to engage our community on a higher level,” she said.

Messages are expected at least three times a week of each elementary school.

  • In middle school and high school, the expectation is four and five weekly posts, respectively.

Individual school positions are one way communicationthough Konrad said schools also had the option to share on social media where the public could comment and interact.

the the new website has a “Let’s Chat” button where anyone can submit questions, concerns, etc.

Konrad encouraged parents and community members to continue to communicate as they are used to as well as by e-mail, call, etc.

What happens next?

Content creators have been trained in 24 schoolsKonrad said, with the others due to start training later this month.

Some schools already display in the application.

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