Highly automated proofreading of artwork for 100% quality during initial artwork creation


Oliver Glatt and Thomas Johner during the inspection with EyeC ProofText

The constant development of new products, varieties and special promotions for the fast-paced retail sector, as well as the requirement for sophisticated packaging designs, demands tremendous flexibility while maintaining the highest quality. An increased risk of errors often goes hand in hand with this.

Packpool medien GmbH, a full-service provider in the field of packaging illustration and reproduction, faced precisely this challenge. For more than 20 years, the well-established company has supported well-known international customers from the consumer goods and pharmaceutical sectors in two countries in all phases of packaging development and printing technology implementation. To meet the quality standards of its customers and to ensure an increase in the efficiency of quality control in prepress, Packpool, as a pilot customer, has integrated the first version of the new EyeC ProofText text comparison and proofreading system entirely based on the cloud in cooperation with EyeC.

The challenge

Faster product life and development cycles, frequently changed customer artwork, and comprehensive ingredient and nutrition labeling all add up to significantly increased complexity and associated risk of errors when creating product artwork. ‘packaging. To maintain its high quality standards, Packpool initially responded with time-consuming and costly visual quality checks and

manual settings. However, the existing technology quickly proved frustrating for employees, as the results were still not 100% error-free and still required significant manual intervention. To further increase artwork quality, make the inspection process more efficient and eliminate potential errors when processing even less standardized customer files, Packpool was looking for a reliable solution that would provide early and automated detection of discrepancies at the prepress stage. At the same time, the new tool had to be a significant time saver, easy to use and usable in any place, for example, in the home office.

An innovative solution

After a detailed evaluation of the major text comparison system vendors, the team led by Thomas Johner, Founder and Managing Director of Packpool, quickly selected EyeC as the right partner. “We needed a sophisticated, fully automated solution for text inspection of our artwork, with the primary goal of minimizing the need for manual operator touch-ups,” says Johner. The two companies already benefited from a long-standing partnership of equals. To date, Packpool was already using EyeC Proofiler Graphic for pixel-based proofreading, the benefits and good results of which were well known. “We have known EyeC for many years and highly value their strong portfolio and in-depth expertise. Through constant communication with product management and service, EyeC provided us with an innovative solution tailored to our needs, helping us to realizing our vision of zero defects.” continues the general manager.

The perfect fit

With the support of EyeC’s team of experts, Packpool currently uses EyeC ProofText on an ongoing basis. The highly automated, web-based artwork proofreading system compares various text sources – primarily HTML briefs with other files, such as the PDF of the final artwork file or the proof. An intelligent algorithm finds and evaluates discrepancies between documents, including text content and font, independent of position, structure and style, even for complex briefings – in a single process step. The system’s intuitive usability and innovative user interface allow users to efficiently review and assess complex documents. Additionally, costly time can be saved by simultaneously checking multiple documents and different languages. For each completed job, ProofText generates a proofing report for tracking and quality assurance purposes. All of these features were integrated into the final ProofText solution, helping to reduce lengthy review cycles and speed up Packpool’s prepress process.

Throughout the project, EyeC provided remote technical support for the implementation of ProofText. “What distinguishes EyeC from other providers is the level of support. Intensive exchanges at regular intervals made it possible to answer any spontaneous questions that arose at any time. And we were also able to contribute our own ideas, to which EyeC responded and implemented quickly and we felt like an extended part of the team,” says Oliver Glatt, Customer Advisor at Packpool.

An impressive result

The main objective of further reducing the previously low error rate and optimizing tedious rework through an automated process has been successfully implemented. To date, Packpool has seen significant improvements in artwork quality and a substantial increase in individual workflow efficiency thanks to its highly automated text matching and best-in-class user-friendliness. “The fact that it’s a cloud-based application is definitely an added bonus, as a significant portion of the workforce is still working remotely,” says Johner. The multilingual option (including more complex Asian languages ​​such as Thai and Chinese), as well as the ability to check languages ​​from right to left (eg Arabic, Hebrew), also contribute to the successful quality improvement. The team uses the full report at the end of each test as documentation for the client and for its own safety. All of these factors translate into less complicated transfers and shorten the time it takes to get new packaging to customers and to market. Even long-time Packpool customers like AUGUST STORCK KG were quickly convinced of the benefits of EyeC ProofText. “Since integrating EyeC ProofText, we are more confident to deliver 100% quality day after day. This innovative form of digital control and the quality assurance it provides creates significant added value for us and our customers. “, adds Glatt.

Currently, three employees use EyeC ProofText as a daily quality control tool within the prepress or job preparation department. From the first briefing to each intermediate verification until the final finished illustration, each work goes through an inspection with EyeC ProofText. “No artwork leaves our house before that,” confirms Johner. This results in an average of two checks including all corrections (initial illustration at briefing and initial illustration at initial illustration). This means that the number of verifications could be reduced once again by using ProofText as desired. “The implementation in our work processes and digital workflows went smoothly. At the same time, we were able to increase the quality of the illustrations and significantly optimize the structure of the quality control process thanks to an exclusively verification digital,” confirms Glatt.

Next steps

Next steps include the expansion of ProofText to its sister company Packpool Swiss, focusing on the pharmaceutical packaging and package inserts sectors. In addition, Packpool plans to use other functions that will soon be available with the continued development of ProofText. The potential for creating value and optimizing the process is still there. “EyeC ProofText underlines our requirement to provide the best quality on the market and to meet the highest requirements. This is an innovation that sets new international standards in proofreading and print model development,” says Johner. “We are proud to have participated in the pilot project and to have been using the system regularly since March.”

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