Harry Potter Filmmaker’s Original Lord Voldemort Creation Is Terrifying


The original drawing of Voldemort’s face in the Harry Potter movies are pure nightmare fuel.

Before Ralph Fiennes made his debut as He Who Must Not Be Named in The goblet of fireinstantly becoming one of cinema’s great villains, fans got a glimpse of the Dark Lord at the climax of The Philosopher’s Stone.

If you think back to the first movie, Professor Quirrell takes off his turban to reveal Voldemort on his back, originally voiced by Ian Hart, with a rather creepy face – if only they’d go with the original design.

Voldemort seen in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Credit: Warner Bros.

On the r/interestingasf*ck subreddit, u/ZapForTheWing posted photos of Professor Quirrell’s very first drawing of Voldemort’s horrible face.

Instead of the gruesome look we see in the film, her nose is closer to Fiennes’ makeup in later films, only with the addition of a massive mouth with sharp teeth and an elongated skull. If anything, it bears some resemblance to the hybrid of alien resurrection.

The photos were posted with the caption: “This was Voldemort’s very first design, which many find far more terrifying.” After thousands of comments, it seems the consensus agrees with this statement.

One user wrote: “Damn, I was already scared of the design they went with when I was a kid. It would have totally traumatized me.”

Another user replied, “In fact, this design pays homage to Edward Mordrake, the mythical two-faced man. They say he was born with a second face on the back of his head.

“The thing was, he was a parasitic twin who never developed and was female. He used to say and whisper only bad, bad things and constantly mumble to Edward. He only smiled when Edward was unhappy. [American Horror Story].”

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While it’s undoubtedly a pretty chunky design, some fans are glad they went for something simpler down the line.

One user wrote: “It may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m glad they ended up with the more ‘human’ version of Voldemort that Ralph Fiennes played in the movies.

“All those extra prosthetics/CGI would have done was made it harder for Fiennes to deliver the incredible performance he delivered and instead reduced Voldemort to a ‘snake type’ stereotype.

“The Voldemort in the movies is far more terrifying than this version because of the quality of the performance.”

Another commented: “It’s far more terrifying that Voldemort has a slightly but distinctly non-human face. He looks like a human where something has gone wrong.”

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