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Amani Hall at the Class of 2024 Trade Show during the Fall 2021 semester. Photo Courtesy: Hall

Black-owned businesses have increased since the start of the COVID pandemic. Many were born into the beauty industry, including eyelash technicians, hairstylists, and makeup artists. The Circuit machine has become the primary source for clothing and accessory brands.

Amani Hall, a third-year accounting student, became one of many black-owned businesses when she started her career during the pandemic.

Hall’s business, Her Dream Creations LLC, is a service that specializes in creating balloons for birthday parties, banquets and other events. Hall said his vision of starting his own business started with a video.

“During the pandemic, I came across a TikTok video of someone’s decorations. I went to buy some balloon supplies right after,” Hall said.

“I started doing family events and birthday parties. I started loving what I was doing, eventually turning it into a business,” she added.

Halls’ family friend Monica Carswell inspired her to start her business. She said it all started with baby shower photos.

“My mom’s friend decorated her baby shower and it inspired me. She has now worked with Yung Miami, Gucci Mane and Trina,” Hall said.

“To see her as a dominant black woman in an industry that’s not known for having a lot of black representation is inspiring,” Hall said.

Hall has made balloon designs for June 19 celebration events, graduation parties, and apartment grand openings. She also presented to the Class of 2024 Business Fair during the Fall 2021 semester.

After introducing to the student body, Hall had a surge in clientele. Third-year occupational therapy student Zania Ricks enjoyed her experience with Her Dream Creations.

“Amani has been my friend since first grade and she has always been creative. She can make her own contribution while bringing your vision to life,” Ricks said.

“I knew she could quickly come up with something creative the night I became a Spring 22 initiative of the original Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. I asked her if she could create a cluster of pink and green balloons for me, and the result is stunning.

Ayanna LaCroix, a third-year criminal justice student, said she had never seen a business like Her Dream Creations in Tallahassee.

“It’s different from what everyone else does, which sets her apart,” LaCroix said.

“I had a balloon arrangement in a bouquet style with photos of my boyfriend and I. Amani is extremely professional and her designs are well thought out.

Hall plans to grow his business by increasing his customer base and partnering with other businesses. His next project will be for the opening of the Lafayette Gardens apartment complex.

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