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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Market for Bound Metal Additive Manufacturing 2022” report has been added to from offer.

This report is the first comprehensive market study specific to bonded metal additive manufacturing processes, defined as the combination of bonded metal spraying and bonded metal extrusion processes.

These two totally different, yet intrinsically linked processes (due to the requirement for final stage sintering of a green bonded metal part using powdered metal) represent a potential future exciting for metal additive manufacturing.

This study includes an in-depth market analysis of current innovators, strategic considerations, and major applications and adopters, along with an extensive database of market forecasts.

In 2022, the bonded metal additive manufacturing market is growing at a faster rate than any other technical segment, surpassing even that of the historical and more widely adopted sector of metal powder bed fusion. The underlying reasons for the growing activity in this sector relate to the possibilities of sinter-based metal additive processes to unleash the power of metal additive manufacturing for a new industry, evoking visions of mass manufacturing at the globally using digital means.

Although the development and competitive activities are on the rise, the reality is that the bonded metals market is still only an afterthought within the scope of global manufacturing, and even in the context of the metal additives market. about 3.4 billion, the collective related metal technologies account for a very small share.

Despite this, due to the processing element that involves post-print sintering – a common element shared by other multi-billion dollar metal fabrication processes – bonded metal additive manufacturing has a relatively clear path to a rapid expansion and acceptance. If the trajectory and acceptance of metal injection molding (MIM) is any indication, rapid growth is achievable. Many leaders in this sector are already the logical initial clientele.

Processes such as metal binder jetting are some of the oldest additive processes in existence, and the MIM community is just beginning to take AM under its wing as a complementary process to their existing green metal component sintering capabilities.

Still others in the metal-related space have even greater aspirations for the development of these processes, which will target the traditional casting industry head-on rather than plug into the relatively less mature metal injection molding market. (and much smaller).

Main topics covered:

Chapter One: Introduction and background to this report

1.1 About this report and accompanying database

1.2 Review of the methodology used

1.2.1 Description of the underlying data and method

1.3 Summary of Findings

Chapter Two: The Rise and Current State of Bonded Metal Additive Manufacturing

2.1 Definition of Bonded Metal Extrusion and Metal Bonder Jetting

2.2 Piloting of use cases and expected applications

2.3 Review of Last Twelve Months of Bonded Metal Printing Market Expansion Activities

2.4 Current Challenges for Widespread Adoption of Bonded Metal Additive Manufacturing, Ranked in Order of Impact

Chapter Three: Planning Effective Market Strategies for a Future with Bonded Metal Printing

3.1 Technology-Driven Market Strategies for Binder Jetting

3.1.1 Bound Metal Printing AM Integration into Powder Metallurgy Industry

3.1.2 Other Business Targets for Binder Jetting Technologies Beyond Metal Injection Molding Suppliers

3.2 Materials Development Considerations for Metal Binder Jetting Technologies

3.3 Implications of binder jetting and bonded metal extrusion for industrial sintering furnaces

3.3.1 Description of analysis and assumptions

3.3.2 Discussion and Presentation of Auxiliary Furnace Opportunities to Support Bonded Metal Additive Manufacturing

Chapter Four: Competitive Landscape Summary of Bonded Metal Additive

4.1 Key Bound Metal Printing Systems Developers

4.2 Related Sintering Furnace Equipment Developers

4.3 Other Technology and Software Companies Supporting Bound Metal AM to Watch

4.4 Major Bonded Metal Printing and Application Development Service Providers

Chapter Five: Presentation and Discussion of Bonded Metal Additive Manufacturing Market Forecast

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