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MIAMI, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CEO Coaching International, the leading executive coaching company for growth-oriented CEOs and entrepreneurs worldwide, is pleased to announce Randy Dewey as a new partner and coach.

Dewey has over 30 years of experience growing and expanding rapidly in many countries around the world. He helped Blackstone in numerous turnovers for successful seven-figure outings in the first half of his career. In the second half of his CEO career, he worked in a private family office environment and in public markets. Organizations ranged from start-ups to $750 million In income.

“Randy has excelled as CEO by bringing a blend of operational expertise, strategic vision and financial foresight to every opportunity,” said Mark Moses, CEO and founding partner of CEO Coaching International. “He is a great addition to our world-class coaching staff and will be the right fit for all CEOs and executives who are striving to make BIG successes in their businesses.”

Other highlights of Dewey’s career include:

  • Revenue increase – Dewey has achieved over 350% growth over the past two decades, developing a unique ability to align core business capabilities with organic market opportunities to rapidly expand the customer base.
  • Capital and financial partnerships – Dewey has maintained the capital plan and financial foundations that are strong and enduring as a critical player in the businesses. He has raised several hundred million dollars in debt and equity, combined with exceptional financial performance that has created more than $1.8 billion in the new value of the company.
  • Crisis management and turnarounds – Dewey has led several companies through very hostile situations, including Chapter 11 restructurings, and helped many highly leveraged private equity situations through insolvency to triumph and then to an exit successful.

“CEO Coaching International has an incredible vision to deliver immense value to CEOs and leadership teams and make BIG business successes. This vision, coupled with their great tools and groundbreaking methodologies, makes us a hand in the hand,” Dewey said. “Furthermore, CEO Coaching International has an incredible coaching development process that hones their incredible team of successful CEOs to become successful CEO Coaches to deliver a world-class offering; this sets them apart from any other coaching organization. . I look forward to creating value together in the business world.”

Dewey is the author of UNITED STATES Today and the wall street journal bestselling business book, “When the Unthinkable Happens: How to Lead Your Team and Pivot Your Business to Growth and Opportunity”.

He served on 13 boards and was involved with numerous non-profit organizations that focused on helping those less fortunate. He has invested in several companies and has been an advisor to private equity firms.

Dewey holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Baker Center for Graduate Studies in Flint, Michigan. He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and 11 children, most of whom are raised and live independently around North America.

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