FYI Resources Ltd’s Joint HPA Test Production with Alcoa Continues to Provide “Outstanding” Results


The company, which is working with Alcoa, is halfway through four weeklong trials of its high purity alumina pilot plant – so far the results are strong and support project goals.

Australia’s FYI Resources Ltd (ASX: FYI) and Alcoa (NYSE: AA) provided further results described as “outstanding” from week two of their High Purity Alumina (HPA) pilot plant trial with an average purity of 99.9978% recorded from the samples delivered following the one week campaign.

The objective of the project is to produce high purity HPA for the high-tech product market.

One week trial

The trial, which ran from December 7 to 14 last year, produced a product from which samples selected at all stages of the process were sent to EAG labs in New York for analysis.

The lab used high-level Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry (GDMS), which provided independent and high-precision confirmation of HPA grades.

Consistent with the results of the previous HPA tests, the results of the second week demonstrated continued high quality levels in the sample suite, ranging in purity from 99.9983% to 99.9973% Al2O3.

These robust test results from the weeklong campaign continue to support the companies’ hypothesis that the plant will be an efficient source of quality HPA and bode well for the commercialization of FYI’s unique refining process.

The test raw material was provided by Alcoa, although the variations and mixtures of the raw materials continue to be assessed as part of the feasibility.

“The latest results are very satisfactory as we test different variations in operating conditions,” said FYI Managing Director Roland Hill.

“This is a common goal for the continuous improvement and optimization of the HPA treatment scheme, incorporating the lessons of previous pilot plant trials and incorporating them into the design of the process. “

“These test results demonstrate the gradual progress in the process map that joint development is achieving as well as the gradual improvement in the overall value of the project.”

Next pilot plant test

The third extended pilot plant test is expected to start operating on January 17. This trial will continue with the previous trial goals, focusing on refining treatment regimens and generating HPA products for customer evaluation.

The company is now halfway through its trial.

About resources for info

FYI aims to become a major producer of 4N and 5N HPA, taking an ESG approach to ensure long-term sustainability and shareholder value.

HPA is a highly sought-after material for certain high-tech products. Its unique properties, characteristics and chemical properties make it ideal for LEDs and other sapphire glass products.

The longer term driver for HPA is the outlook for the booming electric vehicle and static energy storage markets. The main function of the product in these applications is its use as a separation material between the anode and the cathode in batteries to increase the power, functionality and safety of the battery cells.

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