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Green salad and scrambled eggs are back on the menu (along with a glass of sherry, of course): Frasier’s highly anticipated sequel is officially launched.

One of television’s most successful sitcoms, Frasier ran for 263 episodes between 1993 and 2004, winning 37 Emmy awards. When it was announced in February 2021 that a sequel was in development, it was revealed that Kelsey Grammer would return to the title role and serve as executive producer.

On Wednesday, Deadline reported that only one series has been officially greenlit by US streaming service Paramount+, with 10 episodes unconfirmed.

The new series will see psychiatrist-turned-radio host Frasier Crane begin the next phase of his life in a new city, having left Seattle, where Frasier was based. The final episode of the original series saw Frasier Crane abandon a promising new job in San Francisco and move to Chicago, where his girlfriend Charlotte, played by Laura Linney, had just moved.

The rest of the cast would feature mostly new characters. The original cast members – David Hyde Pierce’s Niles, Jane Leeves’ Daphne and Peri Gilpin’s Roz – aren’t expected to be regulars, though they may make appearances. John Mahoney, who played Frasier and Niles’ father Martin, died in 2018. Moose the dog, who played Eddie, Martin’s Jack Russell, died in 2006.

Earlier this year, Hyde Pierce, who played Frasier’s brother Niles, told The Guardian he had yet to hear many details about the sequel. “It’s happening, but I don’t know in what form, and I don’t know when, so I don’t know where I will be and what I will do. I’m definitely interested to see what they come up with,” he said.

Leeves suggested she wouldn’t be part of the revival, telling Weekly entertainment that she was engaged in her role in the medical drama The Resident. “I have no idea, but I won’t leave The Resident to do this if it happens,” she said of a revival.

Grammer enthusiastically pursued a sequel for years. In an ITV interview three years ago, he proposed that an older Frasier Crane be a professor or back in the private practice of psychiatry. He also suggested the story would be “something that puts him at odds with his brother again” and explores his relationship with his now grown son, Frederick.

In July, Grammer confirmed that they were “in the final stages of the final first episode script” for the sequel series, adding, “I had a few runs through it, and I cried, so I’m happy.”

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