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Watertown Fire Rescue was called at 345 p.m. for a fire in an exhaust unit at Dynamic Engineering located at 221 Cessna Street today. Upon arrival, it was found that all employees had evacuated safely and some were attempting to extinguish the fire with extinguishers. The fire was located in an exhaust ventilation unit which collects and filters the welders’ smoke. Firefighters took over and extinguished the blaze quickly with a line of attack after the extinguishers proved insufficient to extinguish the blaze.

The fire was contained in the unit itself and the responsibility of all employees was carried out without any injuries. The cause is still under investigation. The strong northerly winds were causing problems by forcing all the smoke into the middle of the building instead of letting it escape the building, which initially caused the entire building to fill up with smoke. Eventually, the smoke was cleared and the unit was isolated and found no extension of the fire to the rest of the building or machinery.

Watertown Fire Rescue would like to encourage everyone to have an effective safety evacuation plan and to practice it every year. This company did a great job following their evacuation plan and keeping track of all of their employees. WFR remained at the scene for approximately 1 hour and no injuries were reported.

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