Faraday Future FF91: production of 1,050 hp electric vehicles can finally begin


Faraday Future is to ramp up production of its FF91 EV, with work due to begin later this year and deliveries beginning just six weeks later – but only if more money can be found to complete work at its factory.

The US company has received $52m (£44m) from anonymous investors to bring its facility into operation, with a further $600m (£508) on hold when certain production targets are met, a- she told Autocar.

But he said more funding was needed before work could begin at the Hanford, Calif. plant – a former Pirelli tire factory purchased in 2018 – and was in “active discussions with several investors for a additional funding”.

The $180,000 (£152,460) FF91, a SUV 1050 hp unveiled in 2017, has endured years of setbacks, executive turnover and evolutions to its supposedly groundbreaking technology.

“Hanford is obviously the big priority right now,” Faraday Future told Autocar during Monterey Car Week. “It’s about building this factory, finishing it this year and starting production of our production units for our customers. That’s really the big priority for this company right now, and obviously we need to raise additional capital to make it happen.

A spokesperson added: “We have an installation framework for up to $600 million of total funds. So that’s kind of what we’re aiming for right now, and we’re in active discussions with several investors for additional funding.

The company said it now has a “production” version of the three-engine FF91 ready for use.

“We started construction and then pulled back a bit due to funding,” a spokesperson said. “But once we went public last summer in July on the Nasdaq, we really accelerated the development and construction of this factory. I can’t give you an exact end date, but the robots are coming into At the moment, pre-production cars are being built there as we speak, so it’s going very well.”

Faraday’s website currently lists between $1,500 (£1,270) and $5,000 (£4,230) for pre-orders across three vehicle tiers, although only the mid-tier FF91 Futurist is available at the selection.

Filing this deposit includes the option to join a waitlist for the highest performing variant, the FF91 Futurist Alliance, but still with no concrete date commitment at this time.

Michael Van Runkle

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