EXCLUSIVE: Launch of a new phytocannabinoid drug discovery platform to accelerate the creation of herbal medicines



Dr. Pierre Debs, Ph.D., the founder of Chain Pharmaceuticals GmbH is launch a new phytocannabinoid drug discovery platform this will leverage machine learning and real-world medical data in the development of clinically proven herbal medicines for marketing authorization. Debs has over twenty years of experience in stem cell research and has opened up the European market, particularly Germany, for Canadian cannabis flower import and distribution licenses.

The idea behind Chain Pharmaceuticals was to create a unique platform and procedure to help accelerate the process of designing and executing clinical trials for cannabis-based molecules, without waiting 10 years and at enormous cost. It achieves this by bringing together pharmaceutical, medical, marijuana and digital experts.

“Our core energies are focused on bringing herbal pharmaceuticals to market in an accelerated timeframe with higher efficiency, lower upfront costs, fair returns in the longer term and in a sustainable manner,” Debs, founder and managing director of Chain Pharmaceuticals GmbH said. “Clinically proven drugs authorized on the market are sine qua non for the long-term demands of all stakeholders in European healthcare systems.

Chain Pharmaceuticals will launch a series of unique and differentiated solvent-free extract products for regulations across the European Union in the coming year. Chain snippets are purpose-built and play a vital role in tracking efficacy and patient-use outcomes.

Five fundamental principles

The Chain Pharmaceuticals ecosystem is driven by five major trends shaping the future of medicine:

  1. The power of machine learning, artificial intelligence and silicone modeling accelerate and reduce the cost of drug discovery;
  2. The ability to block chain facilitate data collection and patient engagement;
  3. Harness the power of the real world, factual data in the design of healthcare therapies;
  4. Increased desire and increased use of herbal pharmaceuticals;
  5. The progress and momentum of personalized medicine as a leading paradigm in healthcare;

“Decentralized and personalized phytocannabinoid-based healthcare solutions require GDPR-compliant, transparent, timely and targeted data acquisition and analysis,” said co-founder and CIO Dr. Pavel Kubu, MD said in a statement. “Our HealChain app is the synergistic meeting point of data from real-world use, ongoing cannabis use by patients, and a wide array of machine learning-based resources tailored specifically for each subscriber.”

Debs added, “We began our discovery pipeline last year, targeting four indications and one biomedical product, and made progress midway through silicone discovery – once real-world data is infused, we anticipate several exciting outcomes.

HealChain, which will launch in the coming months, will serve as one of the feeds for machine learning systems by engaging medical cannabis patients to share data for the design of clinical trials with patients owning and licensing their anonymized data.. The HealChain app is a joint venture between Pharmaceutical chain and Innoplexusbased on the latter’s Curia and Neuria applications.

Photo: Courtesy of Chain Pharmaceuticals

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