ESL improves its production site with Blackmagic Design


Esports tournament organizer ALS teamed up with Austriaalien video technology business Black magic design.

As a result, ESL upgraded its production site, located in Katowice, Poland, with video material provided by Blackmagic Design. This includes WAMM video solutions video equipment, Constellation ATEM switches and Universal video hub bridge control routers.

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Krzysztof Pawlus, Head of Engineering at ESL Gaming Polska, spoke of the announcement, “We produce a wide variety of live events, including ESL branded formats and white label content for other tournaments or events. With this in mind, the entire workflow is reconfigurable to meet these needs and demands.

“The entire installation is connected to fiber. Essentially, we can distribute any incoming source anywhere in the facility, depending on production requirements.

Flexibility was key when designing the workflow and control infrastructure, according to Pawlus.

The facility now includes four new control rooms and three multi-purpose rooms equipped to host a wide range of events. This includes virtual green screen production capabilities, space for up to 64 PUBG Mobile players, and an option to incorporate remote sources into production.

“Recently, most of the talent has been moved away, and we also need to make sure the production teams continue to stay safe,” Pawlus said.

“We also ensured that the studio infrastructure could bring in external sources alongside the studio signals, without any latency issues. It is imperative that our feeds are precise and put our audience at the heart of the action.

According to the statement, the new studio facilities will allow ESL to expand its range of events and allow further innovation in its content production.

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“Availability of the Blackmagic SDK [software development kit] allows us a high level of workflow customization, while the ability to automate complex processes via custom macros is a real advantage and helps us diversify our workflows, ”added Pawlus.

“We’ve already been able to develop some very smart and efficient solutions to ensure that our content stays on top of esports production, and I’m sure there are plenty of possibilities to explore.”

Founded in 2001, Blackmagic Design manufactures a variety of video production equipment, including video editing products, digital cameras, live production mixers and real-time film scanners for the feature film, video processing industries. post-production and television broadcast. The company has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

Esports Insider Says: With the ever-growing esports audience, it is necessary for any esports broadcaster to have the technologies to accommodate real-time broadcasts from matches, with all the specifics it comes with. It will be interesting to see how ESL’s content and broadcasts will be showcased through its newly upgraded game studio infrastructure.

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