Eldridge home inspector suspended without pay for five days on unprofessional charge | Local News


“As a result of an inspection and the whole process, I received an email from Ray Nees which was extremely unprofessional. It was inaccurate, and it just wasn’t a good e- mail to start. First of all, I would like to think Ray is having a bad day. Because when I read and talk to people about Ray Nees, in this community, he is highly respected among his peers in town, ”said Iossi.

“… I think whatever decisions you need to make, make them. But we need positive things to happen in Eldridge right now. And I think sooner Ray Nees will take over and take over. the leadership role that he is had and is working with everyone again is positive for Eldridge, and I think he will only be part of the solution, “continued Iossi.

Eldridge resident Ashley Atkins previously told council members that Nees repeatedly caused delays and gave her false information about a construction project, harassed her and emailed complaints to his employer.

Atkins bought a two-acre property and bought an RV to live in while waiting for a builder, on Nees’ advice, she said.

When she contacted Nees to check if she needed a concrete slab for an RV, she claimed he told her, “Find a man for your project. This is not a world for you. a woman “, and said she could not live in a motorhome. on his property.

She said he also refused to fill out paperwork for a contract builder because his project was “dumb,” she added.

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