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TRUMANN, Ark. (KAIT) – A building that has been a downtown staple of a northeast Arkansas town must be condemned.

After a long process, the City of Trumann made the decision to condemn the former Bank of Trumann building located on Main Street.

With chicks hanging around and the interior littered with clothes, pill bottles and glass, what was once a historic downtown Trumann staple is now an eyesore.

For years the bank building sat vacant, a building frozen in time.

Region 8 News contacted the owner of the building, who did not want to be named, but said the building had been sold to a New York company.

He told us it would have cost him thousands of dollars to tear it down, but he wanted to give it another chance.

Sentencing is a long legal process, taking months and sometimes years, but another downtown business owner is hoping for a downtown resurrection soon.

Business owner James Stone is a longtime Trumann resident who purchased two downtown properties in his retirement.

He spent thousands of dollars to renovate a building and convert it into a church. A plot next to the church is growing, and he plans to build a park in the vacant area.

“Maybe people can come here and build and redevelop and do something positive,” Stone said.

Stone remembers the days when he and his father walked past the building.

“Well, this building here has been around for as long as I can remember, ever since I was knee high to a duck, I remember my dad and I came here once while driving through town,” Stone said when asked about Trumann’s Bank Building. “It was also a place and you look at it now, it’s a ghost town, and I would love to see this ghost town come to life.”

He said the city lacks only one aspect that will change the way foreigners perceive the region.

“In this town, all we need is a little pride,” Stone said.

Demolition of the building will be at the owner’s expense and, at this time, no date has been set for the start of demolition.

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