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DULUTH — Without a temporary restraining order to defend him any longer, the Hotel Astoria building is collapsing. Demolition of the structure began Thursday morning, despite efforts by the Duluth Preservation Alliance to preserve it.

The alliance had filed a lawsuit, seeking to spare the building from the wrecking ball. But

this order expired on November 4

when the group missed a deadline to post the $60,000 bond required by Judge Eric Hylden to extend the length of a temporary restraining order he had previously issued at the request of conservatives.

The plaintiffs had argued that the city failed to follow proper procedures or sufficiently consider the value of the building as a contributing structure within an established federally recognized historic district. It was built in 1906.

Currently being demolished, the Astoria Hotel was built in downtown Duluth in 1906.

Contributed/Special Collections and Archives of the Duluth Kathryn A. Martin Library at the University of Minnesota

The former abandoned hotel, located at 102-108 E. Superior St., had suffered fire and water damage. Its owners, North Creek Investors II LLC and Zac NC Asset Investors LLC, hired an engineering firm to assess the building and said it would cost $11.6 million to renovate. They say there are no immediate plans to redevelop the property, which is soon to become vacant land.

Miles Ringsred, an attorney for the Duluth Preservation Alliance, predicted the building’s demolition was imminent when the temporary restraining order expired. Still, he said the group would continue to advocate in hopes of protecting other historic structures in the neighborhood that may also be vulnerable to future destruction.

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