Dell Releases Reference Designs for Retail and Manufacturing Edge Solutions


Dell will offer new “validated” designs – a term used for edge devices that have been tested for compatibility across a range of significant capabilities in a particular domain – for retail and manufacturing edge IT deployments later. this year, according to an announcement released today.

The idea behind validated designs for retail and manufacturing is to provide a central infrastructure stack for the many individual applications that might be used in a given location. For retail, this can range from inventory tracking systems and smart shelf labels, to connected point-of-sale terminals, and a host of smart vision capabilities.

These, delivered through integration with Deep North’s real-time video analytics platform, can enable features such as pedestrian traffic behavior analysis, programmatic detection of events such as food spills to that employees can clean them quickly, and even loss prevention.

Gil Shneorson, senior vice president of advanced technologies, said devices with validated designs will help a physical retail sector struggling with the pressures of online competition and the pandemic.

“If you are a CIO [in retail] and you are responsible for what happens in these stores, your job is difficult,” he said. “We expect an experience that we don’t get online.

The capabilities enabled by the designs of the company are not necessarily the essential in themselves. Rather, the idea is to offer a single device that can run anything a retailer wants without the need for additional edge modules. Currently, edge computing in general is not particularly standardized. This can be a serious problem for retailers with a large number of stores, which may have different levels of technological expertise and different types of hardware in different locations.

The idea is similar in manufacturing, as Dell announced support for PTC-based digital performance management technology ThingWorx. This framework is designed to serve as a comprehensive technology platform for Industrial IoT, and its integration should provide Dell with a way to offer a one-stop-shop for many types of edge deployments.

The cutting-edge retail technology will be available globally in June and will be sold both through channels and directly from Dell, according to Shneorson. The design validated for state-of-the-art manufacturing, with PTC support, will be sold the same way, and the company says it will be available “later this year.”

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