Delaware Valley University supplies chilies for local brewery’s latest creation



Warwick Farm Brewing in Jamison continues to collaborate with Delaware Valley University to create delicious libations brewed with ingredients grown and harvested by DelVal students and faculty. The unique relationship, which began in 2021, resulted in a collaborative beer brewed with barley from DelVal. The beer, named Jay and the Hop Bine after Warwick’s head brewer, Jay Trauger, continues to be on tap at the Warwick Farm Brewery.

This year, the University and the brewery have teamed up again to create another libation, this time brewed with a different ingredient grown and harvested by DelVal’s Plant Breeding Club. “We were shocked to learn that DelVal was growing habanero peppers without heat. Out of curiosity, our brewing staff asked to try them out to see if we could formulate a recipe,” explained Warwick Farm Brewing.

Through a process called crossbreeding, the Plant Breeding Club at DelVal was able to produce two varieties of heat-free habanero peppers grown hydroponically in the campus greenhouse. Plant Breeding Club President Rebecca Kluempen ’22 was especially helpful during this process as she shared her extensive knowledge of plant breeding with the brewery. Once the peppers were fully developed, DelVal students harvested them and delivered them to Warwick Farm Brewing once a week throughout the summer.

Warwick then brewed the beer, allowing it to ferment for about two weeks, then added the DelVal peppers. “We cut them up, removed the seeds and threw them away after the beer fermented,” explained Tim Taber, general manager of Warwick Farm Brewing. “The variety of DelVal peppers we used, some taste like mango, and some have a juicy fruit flavor. It’s a nice sweet and crunchy flavor without any heat,” added Tim.

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