Crypto event in Dubai invites attendees to collaborate on creating a digital token


Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the metaverse shape the way the world views money, finance, and transactions of value in general. While demonstrating a significant revolution in the fundamental workings of the world, understanding the applicability of technology on a personal basis is an entirely separate conversation.

Since the industry is subject to constant developments, learning the basics of technology has led to a steep learning curve. In addition to the constant changes, the blockchain represents more than one concept, rather considering several knowledge in different disciplines, giving the impression of learning a whole new language. And while no country is talking about “blockchain,” events focused on the capabilities of the technology have managed to provide the necessary level of immersion.

To educate new cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Expo Crypto Summit was born. As Expo Dubai approached, project managers began to wonder what might be possible with an exclusive cryptocurrency event for 200 blockchain and metaverse enthusiasts. They then created a tech event in a super-developed country for parties who have some knowledge of the industry but are looking to take the next steps to kickstart their journey into the world of crypto.

The event will take place over four days, starting Thursday, March 17. With highlights including talks on blockchain 1.0 and 2.0, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi) games and the metaverse, as well as workshops each evening. Users will also have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative token launch event.

Inspired by crypto enthusiasts

The main goal of Expo Crypto Summit is to provide immersion through community building. This community is said to include experienced speakers, experts, and enthusiasts in general.,

“The Expo Crypto Summit is an event created to launch a brand new token, developing it from the ground up with a community of crypto enthusiasts who will be major players in its creation!” a project team member shares.

More information about the crypto expo summit here

Expo Crypto Summit can be attended online or in person, with access granted via NFTs that act as tickets. To obtain a ticket, interested attendees will need to purchase the Expo token on the Nex exchange, which is compatible with the MetaMask wallet. With the token in hand, users can purchase the ticket of their choice from the official Expo Crypto Summit NFT website.

As the countdown to exposure continues, the team acknowledges the creation and implementation of the Nex exchange, among other white label projects. With NEX, Expo Crypto Summit can easily integrate decentralized token technology into event results. The trading platform itself is decentralized in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, allowing the exchange of tokens between investors without an intermediary.

However, unlike a standard decentralized exchange (DEX), the NEX protocol will allow companies to create their own tokens, each with a specific function and the ability to trade on NEX. These capabilities are further proof of this with the tokenization of startups and the stock exchange being one of the pillars of the project.

The pursuit of global recognition

The project launched by a Brazilian team has since been sponsored by cryptocurrency projects including Caucau Digital, Expo, and NEX.

The team believes that with the help of globally inclusive events, they will provide more opportunities for those inside and outside of Brazil, with the token created at this event being a player key to these efforts.

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