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PANAMA – Maintenance work as part of a larger construction project that began last year continues at Panama’s Central School.

“This is an extension of last year’s project,” said Superintendent Bert Lictus. “Last year we did a construction project and we built new rooms and repaired the tennis court, things like that. We had some money left over, which we are now using for that.

The current project includes renovating a playground, some desk changes and fixing some doorknobs, Lictus said.

“It’s a small maintenance job, really,” he said.

Another change being considered by the school district follows a discussion between Lictus and the Board of Education, when they considered expanding the pre-kindergarten program from a half day to a full day.

“We won’t do it yet” Litus said. “We were waiting for information and were unclear about some areas of funding and whether we would be able to afford it. For now, we will continue as we are.

The extension of the day for the pre-kindergarten program would include the need for teachers and classrooms. Lictus said that over the next year the board will consider the pros and cons of the idea and whether it could happen next summer.

“It was too rushed to be able to do it this summer”, Litus said.

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