Connecticut residents battle new unemployment system


HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB) – Connecticutans say they still face problems with the new unemployment system.

The new system, called ReEmploy CT, was launched last Tuesday at noon.

According to the Department of Labor, more than 18,000 claimants have already filed for benefits. Labor Department Commissioner Dante Bartolomeo said the department had already paid $8.5 million into unemployment.

However, many residents still say they have problems with the new system.

Channel 3 spoke to some of those residents on Wednesday.

“I can’t put gas in my car. I can’t go to job interviews. I can’t do any of these things. I can’t go to the library to file my weekly request. I can’t do any of these things they ask me to do,” said one resident.

Residents say even missing a few weeks of income has had a significant impact on their lives.

“I’m two weeks behind on my rent. I was on a payment plan on my electric bill. I have to make a payment tomorrow, so thank goodness I have money left on a credit card,” says another resident.

Many say a major problem has been picking up a phone call.

“When they call you, they call you back, but then they immediately put you on hold so I was on hold for a good hour and a half waiting for someone to actually pick up the phone,” said a Connecticut resident.

The Department of Labor said that with the increase in calls over the past week, the contact center has increased the number of agents from 90 to 140 and extended its contact hours.

Filers say it’s not just issues scheduling a callback, there are also issues connecting to the new system.

The governor’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

According to the Ministry of Labor, it takes 3-7 days for the payment to be made due to the process followed by the claim. They also say they currently have 140 agents working with filers, compared to an average of 90. The Department of Labor says it is maintaining a high level of staffing to help these filers through the early days of ReEmploy CT.

The Department of Labor has released a list of tips for those filing for unemployment:

  1. If you are an unemployed filer and need help, use the “schedule a callback” feature on our website, It seems counterintuitive to use this scheduler instead of just picking up the phone, but right now scheduling a callback appointment is actually faster than calling the consumer contact center due to the volume. high calls.
  2. Also be sure to take the call when we call you back! Many people don’t recognize the phone number and let the call go to voicemail, or the call is flagged by their mobile carrier as “potential spam”. We will try them again, but after three attempts the call goes to the bottom of the list. When we call back, there may be a wait time to reach an agent. The system calls you, then connects the person to the next available agent. When people hang up on this music on hold we have to call them back and eventually they can be pushed down the list
  3. Registrants can also open a file directly on the recall scheduler, these files are processed within 48 to 72 hours.
  4. The most common mistake made by registrants is to open a new application when they already have an active application. Just like in the old system, registrants with an active continuing claim must submit a weekly certification. CTDOL has posted step-by-step screenshots on our website to help registrants.
Credit: ReEmploy CT(WFSB)

5. For NEW filers who need to apply for benefits or reopen a claim (e.g. someone has an open claim but takes a temporary job for a month, then needs to reopen their original claim after that month ends. employment ), or if someone has reached the end of their benefit year:

Credit: ReEmploy CT
Credit: ReEmploy CT(WFSB)

6. Take your time doing your weekly certification. If your social security number or other details do not match our records, we will retain your claim to prevent fraud.

7. Be aware of fraud. Do not share your login credentials, driver’s license, social security numbers, or other identifying information with anyone other than Consumer Contact Center agents. Pay particular attention to social media scams that offer to speed up the processing of claims or payments. Only CTDOL has access to claim information.

8. Use a newer version of web browser when logging into ReEmployCT.


The most important thing registrants with questions can do is schedule a callback; keep their phones with them; respond to all calls (even ‘potential spam’); and stay online for a waiting time. Currently, using the scheduling feature is faster than calling the contact center.

Do not schedule more than one appointment. Filers who schedule multiple appointments take seats from others who have questions, and it takes staff time for officers to identify and delete multiple appointments. CTDOL estimates that up to 50% of our callback appointments are duplicates. There may be delays when agents handle appointment reminders, but once a filer is in the calendar system, they receive a call and do not have to make another appointment.


Claim and payment deadlines under ReEmployCT remain the same as under the old systems. New applications are submitted by the applicant, verified by CTDOL, and applicants then receive a decision on their eligibility. If eligible for unemployment benefits, registrants must log into ReEmployCT each week to certify their claims – they submit to the agency that they are still unemployed and their job search activities.

Once a filer has submitted their weekly certification and is eligible, payment is made either by debit card or direct deposit, usually within 3-7 days. For applicants selecting debit cards for the first time, it may take up to 14 days. When the number of weekly declarants is lower, this payment period is closer to three days; during periods of high demand, the turnaround time is closer to seven days.

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