City relocates residents of apartment building due to collapse concerns



KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Residents of four apartment buildings in south Kansas City were moved from their homes on Tuesday after officials raised concerns about the structural integrity of the building.

A Kansas City, Missouri, Department of Health spokesperson said officials are helping residents of the Coach House apartments at 11213 McGee Street with temporary housing.

The spokesperson said a tenant in the building notified KC Healthy Homes, which in turn prompted an investigation by city officials.

This investigation determined that there was a threat of the building collapsing. During their initial investigation, officials identified a second dangerous building. Residents of this building have 48 hours to be relocated.

Photographs taken by city inspectors show part of the missing brick facade of the three-story building. Insulation and timber framing were exposed on the side of the building up to the roofline.

Kansas City Department of Health

A search of 311 complaints in the immediate vicinity of the apartments shows at least three calls for service dating back to October 2021. The most recent of the calls was in July 2022. City records identified the call as a nursing home issue involving rental. property. The call was entrusted to the Department of Environmental Health Services. No entry was made in the resolution date.

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