China’s manufacturing industry helps stabilize global supply chain

People look at an airplane during the 2022 Global Manufacturing Convention in Hefei, east China’s Anhui Province, Sept. 20, 2022. [Photo/Xinhua]

Among the products on display at the ongoing 2022 World Manufacturing Convention, a red unmanned helicopter caught the eye of many visitors.

The convention opened Tuesday in Hefei, the capital of eastern China’s Anhui province. It highlights the latest products, technologies and applications in the manufacturing sector. Themed “Creating a Beautiful World Through Manufacturing,” the four-day convention features nearly 40 events, including exhibits and seminars.

“The unmanned helicopter has a maximum take-off weight of 600 kilograms and a cruising speed of 120 kilometers per hour,” said Yan Jinliang of Anhui Yingliu Group, the manufacturer of the helicopter. “It is designed to perform missions such as delivering cargo in complex terrain, fighting forest fires and patrolling power lines.”

In addition to manufacturing aircraft engines, the company also produces valves, impellers, drill diverters and other key components used in high-end equipment for marine engineering, oil and gas drilling, mining and transportation.

“Our key components have been sold to more than 100 customers in nearly 40 countries, including the United States, Britain, Germany and the Netherlands, with an export value of around 1.5 billion yuan ($215.7 million) per year,” Yan said. .

Maintaining the stability of global industrial and supply chains is an essential guarantee to promote the development of the global economy and serves the common interests of all.

China is taking concrete steps to deepen international cooperation on industrial and supply chains and ensure that people in all countries share the fruits of development.

CRRC Puzhen Alstom Transportation Systems Limited showcased its driverless straddle type monorail train at the World Manufacturing Convention.

Thousands of miles away, the same monorail train is currently being tested on the Pink Line in Bangkok, the Thai capital, and is expected to be operational next year. In 2017, the company signed a contract with Bangkok to supply 288 monorail train carriages for the city’s Yellow and Pink Lines. The trains were designed with driverless technology.

“Compared to the metro, the monorail is quieter, more adaptable and cheaper to build. The construction cost is only one-third of that of the subway,” said Xu Haida, chairman of the company, adding that it can greatly ease the traffic pressure in the city. in an environmentally friendly way.

Created in 2014, the company has an annual production capacity of 200 straddle-type monorails and 100 automated shuttles. Its products have been exported to countries such as Thailand, Egypt, Brazil and Singapore.

“The global economy faces greater risks and uncertainties. Holding the Global Manufacturing Convention at this critical time provides the global economy with a platform to deepen exchanges and continue cooperation,” said Christian Wulff, Global Chairman of the Global SMB Alliance, via video during the convention opening ceremony.

More than 640 companies are exhibiting products at the convention, and 568 projects with a total investment of 367.7 billion yuan are expected to be signed at the event, according to the organizer.

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