Cardi B Releases $30 Million Movie – One Week Before Production Starts


Photo credit: Frank Schwichtenberg / CC by 2.0

Cardi B has pulled out of a $30 million comedy film production with Paramount Players.

Deadline reports that production life support was due to go into production in just one week. Now Paramount Players is pulling the plug after Cardi B left production. The cast and crew were informed that the film had been temporarily scratched.

The $30 million film was to be directed by Thembi Banks and produced by Temple Hill. The comedy would see Cardi B play a low-level criminal on the run who is wrongly accused of a crime. She must stay free long enough to prove her innocence – so she hides away in her grandmother’s nursing home. Cardi B dons old lady prostheses at the Mrs. Doubtfire fit in while living with her grandmother.

Cardi B says she quit the movie because she’s overloaded right now.

Deadline reports that the release was unexpected and legal action could be taken against Cardi B. Sources told Deadline that the hope is to re-enact the production parts later this year.

Cardi B recently welcomed her second child in September 2021 with her husband, Offset. She was also involved in a lawsuit against YouTuber Tasha K. Cardi and received a $4 million verdict in a defamation case in January. This case saw the YouTuber claim the rapper contracted a sexually transmitted disease and cheated on her husband.

The $4 million verdict included $1.3 million to cover legal costs for the defamation lawsuit. Cardi B filed a lawsuit in 2019, alleging slander and invasion of privacy after a YouTuber posted 40 videos about the rapper, which she refused to remove. The videos have garnered millions of views within a few years, helping the YouTuber monetize her channel with ads and sponsored content.

If Cardi B will face legal action for her early exit from life support that remains to be seen.

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