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I always try to capture some of the beauty I see in this world, this place we call home. It would take a library to catalog everything. But I think if we focus on a few things at a time, their wonder is clearer. We are not overwhelmed by the overflowing splendor of it all. The other thing that helps is to use the tools of poetry, with its evocative rhymes and cadences. If I could literally paint this beauty, I would.

I am aware that ugliness, even evil exists. To exist is good. It is essential, and a gift, not something to which we are entitled. Something must first exist to be twisted into ugliness and evil. Orcs were made from elves, not the other way around. And that’s not my topic here. Beauty comes first.

Creation Painting

Whispers of windblown lilacs fill the air as a chorus of birds

twitter and tweet in the sunshine. New leaves unfurl to dress the branches

with green lace. These are new, they signify spring.

The mountains are rocks disgorged from the depths, then sculpted by the ages

in towering peaks. Rocks and jagged ridges mean perilous journeys,

windswept heights, aspiration, adventure and ice.

Where the land meets the sea, the waves break and recede, break and recede,

to hammer the rocks, to break the stones, to wash them, to grind them

by the sea in the sand, shelter for a myriad of creatures, food for the birds

that skitter and wade.

Starscapes of an eternity stretch across the inky black blanket of night

take my breath away. The milky way, glowing highway, our neighborhood,

is only one of the three hundred million galaxies, more or less!

I can almost hear the angels singing their admiration in the shimmering night.

Terrestrial and celestial bodies point beyond this world. Just like music and poetry.

So goes the beauty of a young girl’s cheek, or the strong shoulders of a man,

and as they stand in this velvet night,

when the two become one in ecstasy, in a taste of Heaven’s delights.

Finally, the birth of children, another breathtaking marvel, how two

comes a child, an individual soul, who, God willing, will grow,

take its place on the scene of being, not the lilac, the mountain, the ocean or the star,

but a human being, with a heart, a mind and a soul.

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