Building Transparency and ECO Platform Partner on building emissions data


SEATTLE – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Building transparency, a non-profit organization that provides open-access data and tools to help reduce intrinsic carbon emissions and foster a better future for construction, and ECO Platform, a European-based non-profit organization that is focused on streamlining digital environmental product data in an affordable and efficient manner, today announce their partnership to harmonize product data efforts globally, ensuring collective alignment and cooperation across the industry .

Through this partnership, Building Transparency and ECO Platform aim to align with technical aspects, including standardization of data format and quality, and needs at the strategic level, including awareness and understanding of the need to reduce the environmental impacts of our built spaces.

“ECO Platform has long focused on mobilizing transparency in the building industry and the partnership with Building Transparency is a natural continuation of this effort,” said Christian Donath, CEO of ECO Platform. “This partnership allows us to further promote shared standards and processes and to work towards harmonization towards a standard digital data format for the environmental disclosure of building materials. This is the key to the affordability and comparability of lifecycle assessments globally. ”

This partnership will include a pilot project focused on harmonizing the ILCD + EPD format with the openEPD standard. The ILCD + EPD data format was developed by European stakeholders on the basis of the ILCD format of the European Commission and constitutes a technical means of transporting information associated with an EPD in a structured way. Through this pilot project, the Building Transparency and ECO platform aims to test the links and translation between ILCD + EPD and openEPD standards, aligning global efforts to decarbonize our buildings.

“It is essential that we work on a global standard on how we report the environmental impacts of building products and materials in order to adequately address the role of embedded carbon in climate change,” said Stacy Smedley, Director Executive of Building Transparency. “Beyond providing consistent data for comparison and specification of low-carbon options, it also ensures that decision-makers have accurate and consistent data to inform their efforts. Ultimately, these coordinated global efforts have the significant opportunity to drive widespread change and to spur more transparency and carbon-conscious purchasing and decision-making. ”

Learn more about openEPD at the following link:

Learn more about the ILCD + EPD format at the following link:

About enhancing transparency

Building transparency is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that provides open-access data and tools that support broad and rapid action in the construction industry to address the role of embedded carbon in climate change. Formed in 2020, Building Transparency hosts, manages and maintains the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) tool, which provides thousands of digitized EPDs into a free open source database, and Tally, the life cycle of the association. Building Transparency strives to provide the resources and education necessary to promote adoption of the EC3 tool, including through the official MaterialsCAN program, and works with global policymakers to shape a better future.

About the ECO platform

ECO platform is an international non-profit association established by international operators of the EPD program as well as members of the construction industry, green building organizations, tool operators and LCA practitioners. The organization aims to contribute to sustainable development, including a low carbon economy and resource efficiency in the construction sector, by coordinating the development and delivery of credible and scientifically correct product data. ECO Platform aims to integrate Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for building and infrastructure projects by providing reliable product data in an affordable and efficient manner.

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