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“How you start is never how you end”

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama., November 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stephanie Forda self-taught real estate mogul, is proud to announce the launch of her book, “She-Vestor: Building My Real Estate Empire“.

Real estate investing is a mystery to some and a science to others. The most successful people in the world have some type of real estate portfolio that has contributed to their wealth. “She-Vestor: Building My Real Estate Empire” revolves around this same philosophy. In the book, Stephanie shows how she was able to take $10,000 and transform it into $90,000 within 4 short months. Even better, she was able to do it part-time while working full-time on her other business.

By reading this book, you receive a step-by-step plan to start your career in real estate investing. The complex process of real estate investing is broken down in simple terms so that anyone can create economic success and start their real estate career. “She-Vestor” is based on the year 2020, which has been considered one of the worst financial times of the 21st century. This book takes you through the tumultuous year and shows you how “SHE-VESTOR” ended it on a fiscal high note.

For those who want to accelerate their career in real estate, there is a training program available. In the coaching program, you will learn Stephanie’s exact methods for creating the same success she has experienced. In addition, you will be able to identify the right properties to buy, learn how to obtain financing and above all learn not to make the same mistakes that she and other investors have made along the way. Stephanie’s vision is to help others create wealth through real estate, whether it’s wholesale properties, selling renovations or building a rental property portfolio.

To find out more, you can join Stephanie’s Facebook community – “shevestorcoaching” and book a free consultation to discuss your real estate goals. You can also visit the site www.shevestor.orghis Youtube channel and LinkedIn profile to learn more about the book, Stephanie and her coaching programs.

For press enquiries, you can contact Stéphanie at [email protected].

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