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Outcomes of the Alliance Building From Within meeting

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, August 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Representatives from 12 states and 25 member organizations of the Build from within the Alliance recently concluded their annual meeting in Anchorage, Alaska. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the needs facing communities across the country and work on plans to address these issues, in particular to focus on building strong ecosystems in low-income neighborhoods. downtown.

The Build from Within Alliance is a national network of community development organizations supporting local entrepreneurship in neighborhoods across the country. It works in communities that show visible and invisible signs of systemic divestment, connecting entrepreneurs to opportunities from which they are often excluded.

The Alliance was launched by the Neighborhood Development Center (NDC) in several cities and organizations to adopt, adapt and implement the NDC’s approach to local entrepreneur-driven economic development.

“This meeting is a celebration and reminder of the movement for social, economic and racial equity for American entrepreneurs,” said Renay Dosman, president of the Neighborhood Development Center. “This work will keep us all busy. We all stand together in solidarity to support marginalized communities across the country by sharing ideas, strategies and best practices that will help our neighborhoods and people thrive.”

Each member of the Alliance has brought their expertise and experience and together effective strategies can be developed to target needs such as: business training, sub-prime lending and real estate activities.

“Each member is from a different part of the country, but they’ve all faced similar obstacles,” says Mihailo “Mike” Temali, founder of the Neighborhood Development Center. “The Convening allows us to share tools and understandings for success through training, loans and real estate activities. It is important to share our experiences and resources across the country for each community.”

Participating organizations included:

  • Alaska – Community Land Trust (Anchoring)
  • Arkansas – NWA canopy (Fayetteville)
  • Colorado – CEDS Finance (Aurora); The Beacon Fund and the Montbello Organizing Committee (denver)
  • California – NWA canopy (Berkeley); Central Valley Immigration Integration Collaborative (Fresno)
  • Delaware – West End neighborhood house (Wilmington)
  • Florida – Aire Ventures, Opportunity Connect, The Glover Disruptive and Allegany Franciscan Ministries (Miami)
  • Louisiana – New Orleans Business Alliance and Fund 17 (New Orleans)
  • Michigan – ProsperUs Detroit (Detroit)
  • Minnesota – Heritage Road Consulting LLC (Brainerd); Initiative Foundation (small fall); Mille Lacs Cooperate Ventures (Onamia); Neighborhood Development Center (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.)
  • New York – CEO of Center State (Syracuse)
  • Texas – Change Agent Tips (Houston)
  • Pennsylvania – The Welcoming Center, Philadelphia Commerce Department, Neighborhood Progress Fund and The Merchants Fund (philadelphia cream)

In March 2020, Wilder Research found that small businesses in the Build From Within Alliance spent approximately $1.5 million annually on business expenditure (excluding rent and payroll). Nearly 60% of this sum was spent in the same neighborhood as the company. Additionally, 74% of business owners donated their time, money or in-kind support to neighborhood events and activities in the past year, for an estimated contribution of $267,200. In fact, 96% of all owners said they served as role models for youth and/or young adults in their communities, and about half said they served as leaders in groups or organizations in their community. neighborhood or their ethnic community.

About the Neighborhood Development Center:

NDC is a non-profit community development finance institution that believes that residents of low-income inner-city neighborhoods have entrepreneurial talent and energy that are powerful assets available to help revitalize communities. NDC offers entrepreneur training, small business loans (and Shariah-compliant financing), business services and property incubators that help our clients start and grow vital small businesses. For more information, visit

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