Building a community with a common future for humanity, leading the construction of the future city of Xiongan New Area with Design


XIONGAN, China – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The sudden coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly had a huge impact on the global economy and crippled global trade, forcing us to reconsider the proposal for a community with a shared future for humanity. Meanwhile, the pandemic is fueling the rise of new technologies and industries such as 5G, artificial intelligence and smart cities.

Today, Xiongan embraces its fifth year of construction plan and sees its post-pandemic recovery. Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2021 (HIDW 2021) will be held from October 16 to 22, 2021 with the theme “Interconnectivity: Design to Revive the World”. This event will bring together global intellectual design resources and motivate the current stagnant cooperation. Meanwhile, this event will collaborate with the UK, opening a partner activity “British Design Day”, under the theme “Building a Caring and Inclusive Future City – Accessible Environmental Design”. It will use industrial design, information technology and other means to help build a high quality, high quality barrier-free city.

In order to combat the isolation issues caused by the pandemic, this exhibition is being organized in an “offline + online” mode, achieving a real-time data flow and inspiring people from all walks of life to focus on the new situation. of online design. This time, HIDW 2021 will continue to work with the Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA) to create the “Week and Competition” model, which will seek new designers around the world, promote an international and professional industrial design event with oriental colors and a sustainable environment. design atmosphere.

In the future, Xiongan New Area will continue to actively integrate into the international market, create new life with harmonious development for people all over the world. Shirley Feng, director of the Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, said in the opening speech of the Xiongan Design Forum, “Sharing happiness and unhappiness in harmony! ”

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