Build on the legacy of the 148th Fighter Wing with a new commander


There is a new command taking over for the 148th Fighter Wing. Colonel Chris Blomquist relinquished command to Colonel Nathan Aysta on Saturday September 10, 2022.

A press release from 148th Fighter Wing declares Colonel Chris Blomquist to be promoted to Brig. General Il will assume the duties of Chief of Staff of the Minnesota Air National Guard. Colonel Blomquist had been the commander of the 148th Fighter Wing since December 2017.

Colonel Aysta will oversee a thousand airmen and airwomen at the flying wing. “It’s very exciting! You know, change is always difficult for an organization, but I hope they’re excited about a new leader who maybe brings a new vision and a different perspective to 148 Airmen,” said Colonel Aysta.

Originally from ST. Might, Minnesota, Aysta also graduated in 1999 from the US Air Force Academy. He served in the US Air Force from 2000 to 2010 before joining the 148th Fighter Wing in 2010.

Having the support of the community can be essential for any organization, and the Colonel expresses the bond and relationship the community has with the 148th Fighter Wing.

“It’s a very rare place, a unique and special place where our neighbors and our community support what we do so that we can spend our time and our efforts in partnership with our community and moving projects forward instead of having to beat on things. So it’s a lot easier to do our job.

In this new role, there are many things Colonel Aysta hopes to bring to Team 148. “I bring my people priorities first. Aspects of modernization and partnership that I want to pursue through our community in our state. So those are my three priorities that I’m looking for as a new commander.

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