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“It’s great that we got to do something a lot more art-oriented, and in the end it still feels like Knocked Loose.”

Knocked Loose is back with a new surprise EP, and it has to be heard to be believed.

‘A Tear In The Fabric Of Life’ is a six-track concept album that delves into feelings of loss, guilt, doubt and desolation on a soundtrack heavier, darker and more atmospheric devastating than the group has never been before. Leaving no limits to what they can go for and diving into creative pools that step up their sound to monolithic levels, it’s an absolute fucking masterstroke of a band in its own way. It’s the culmination of everything that makes and made Knocked Loose who they are while pushing them to places they only dreamed of before.

Here it is, in all its glory with spooky visuals courtesy of Magnus Jonsson to accompany it:

To find out how this mind-boggling record and its oppressed history came to be, we sat down and chatted with singer Bryan Garris …

So where did this EP begin its life? Has he always intended to do something like this?
“We’ve been joking about this for a long time, but the break from touring last year allowed us to take a look and try it out. It was only with this free time that we could have taken a bit into something a little more artistic like that. But I’m glad we had the opportunity to do it. I feel like we learned a lot about ourselves doing this in regards to Knocked Loose and how we would like to wear it as we go along. “

So it was the space that was offered to you last year that allowed this idea to materialize?
“Absolutely. It was always cool to talk about it or consider it, but it had to be put aside in the regular Knocked Loose schedule within a year. We’re on tour or traveling and when we are home, it’s harder to It’s an idea that we could have pushed back until it was time for us to do another album, and then you are faced with the question of making an album. whole or make a pit stop and work on this exciting project. “

So what was this process like? How did you feel while creating?
“Originally the idea was to focus on the concept that lies at the center of the EP [that I created] and how we bring it to life. But then, when it comes to music, we found out that we had started to try new things. When you implement these new sounds at the start, it sounds like the biggest jump. But then when you’re done and listen to the final product, you start to realize that it’s not as far from what Knocked Loose was already as you thought it was. It’s sprinkled with new things that challenge us and make us feel like we’re growing the brand, and these are things that we can push forward with us. We wanted to exaggerate what Knocked Loose was all about. If it’s heavy, it’s the heaviest. If it’s fast, it’s the fastest. That’s what this EP was supposed to do. Then we did it, and we realized it was the most unhealthy way to write. If we have to do something, why not do it all? “

Sometimes it takes times like this to remind yourself that there is no limit to what you can do. You’ve designed the Knocked Loose plan, and you can change it as much or as little as you want …
“For us, we’ve always tried to write in the most organic atmosphere possible. So we all jam. We get together in a room, and we play, discuss and write down ideas and build from them. . We ‘”I never really talked about what’s to come. It has always been a natural progression. From “Laugh Tracks” to “A Different Shade Of Blue”, you could say there was a lot more death metal influence. It was not a conversation that we had. This naturally happened through these jams. This EP is the first time we’ve sat down and talked about what they wanted. “

What do you think was the outcome of these conversations?
“It’s six linear songs that fit together one after the other, but I also feel like this is the first time we’ve tried to evoke different emotions with our music. I feel like the moments on this album are extremely tense, which benefits our music style well, and it sounds like something we wouldn’t have considered otherwise. “

So, in terms of the story being told, did something build alongside the music or was it something that you already have the skeleton of?
“We thought about the story ahead of time. We said it was a different branch of ‘A Different Shade Of Blue’, but not far from this world. When we were writing this album, we were jumping around there. idea for a concept EP, all of which stemmed from the song “In The Walls.” So when the time came to do it, for me it became one of the most difficult writing experiences I have ever had. ‘ve never had in terms of lyrics. I never really decided what to write in advance with our music. I always let it happen, and it has always been very therapeutic in that sense. And also, my lyrics are extremely personal, and it was never about telling a story that i couldn’t it all was extremely difficult but i also found ways to incorporate real life emotions and experiences to make the story we tell more relevant. I had to do it a lot more than I initially thought. . that I would be able to do. The whole process has been extremely rewarding to me, but I am well outside my comfort zone. “

How did it feel for you to look back and see how far you were in this tragic, dark story?
I think I always wanted my lyrics to remain a liberation for me. In the past, this is why I have always found writing extremely rewarding, being able to talk about those things that I might not be so comfortable talking about in regular conversation. Then I can play the songs every night, and every time I play them I feel like it’s a release to free my chest. I thought I would be removed from writing this new EP, but I realized how much I was able to incorporate what I still felt into it. As if a huge weight had been taken from me. Even though this is a fake story, there are parts listeners will be able to understand better because the real emotions are so real. “

How do you feel when you consider this next chapter of the band with a set of songs like this now firmly under your belt?
“It’s great. For me, it’s great that I got to do something a lot more art-driven, and in the end, it still feels like Knocked Loose. I’m behind all the art and the artistic direction of the band and I’ve always really enjoyed doing that, but I’ve never been able to go this far, I’m happy that I was able to go this far, and it doesn’t change who we are.

“It’s great to see how well it’s been timed to come out too. We’ve had these songs for a really long time, and we’ve been talking so much about dropping them. But we were always focused on not dropping them until what we could replay a show. Back then, nobody knew when it would be, so the weight was killing us. Are we really waiting that long? Everyone around us was pulling out stuff and just sitting there with our arms folded. just had to go on and tell us to be patient because it would be worth it. With his fall and alignment with October and Halloween and being a scary record, that really sets the tone for the month. We’re also playing full again. time, and being on a supporting tour right now, we can play these songs to so many new faces.

And one of the happiest things has been watching these new faces fall in love with Knocked Loose over the past few years …
“It’s gratifying, and it’s fascinating to see how things have changed and how we’ve grown without jeopardizing what Knocked Loose is. It’s something that is and always will be extremely important to us. I will also say that Knocked Loose is That’s it. There are subtle and unspoken rules surrounding this, but in the end it feels like we’re getting into the position where we’ve established that we can do it. whatever we want, we’re lucky enough to have an audience that trusts us to do it.

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