Bonus plans for the facade of the historic Delucchi building


As we pointed out eleven months ago, when the 4,000 square foot conversion plans for the 10,000 square foot Delucchi Sheet Metal Works building at 1526 Powell Street were developed and approved in 2016, the building conversion historic, which was designed to incorporate the building’s existing industrial facilities and equipment for an authentic industrial aesthetic and dining experience, versus the ‘generic and heavily-crafted rustic aesthetic as seen everywhere else in the restaurant scene. ‘today’, did not materialize and the sheet metal shop was on the market with a $ 3.5 million price tag and a 5,257 square foot lot zoned for development up to 40 feet tall.

Although the building has not officially traded hands, a new set of plans for the site have been drawn up. And as designed by rg-Architecture for JS-Sullivan Development, a 20-unit residential building would rise up to 67 feet in height behind the sheet metal facade of the existing building, taking advantage of a density bonus for two additional floors. and the planned density, with 1,200 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor, a basement garage for 6 cars and 20 bikes, and a setback of 10 feet above the new second floor .

Having been labeled as a Historic Resource of Individual Significance, the redevelopment of the Delucchi Building as proposed would be subject to review by preservation staff, would require a formal Historic Resources Assessment (HRE), and may require a environmental impact (EIR) is also prepared.

On a related note, the preliminary review of the site plans by Planning, which has just been completed, revealed that “the removal of the existing” John J. Delucchi Sheet Metal Works “panel [and its replacement with an etched window, to provide the required light and air for a code-compliant unit] does not comply with the Home Secretary’s rehabilitation standards ”, but no major alarm signal has been raised.

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