Bloom Energy Inaugurates High-Volume Electrolyser Production Line



Bloom Energy inaugurates a high-volume electrolyser production line.

Manufacturing capability is shifting from controlled production to manufacturing high-volume hydrogen electrolysers.

Bloom Energy Corporation (NYSE: BE), inaugurated its line of high-volume commercial electrolyzers at the company’s Newark facility, increasing the company’s electrolyzer production capacity to two gigawatts. The award-winning technology is the most energy-efficient design for producing clean hydrogen to date.

Over the past decade, the facility has produced more than 1 gigawatt (GW) of resilient, durable, and cost-effective fuel cell-based energy servers. The Bloom electrolyser is built on the same commercially proven solid oxide technology platform used to generate electricity. Thus, streamlining existing manufacturing for higher volume electrolyser production allows Bloom to better meet market needs.

The technology’s significant capabilities for hydrogen production are demonstrated in partnership with Xcel Energy and Idaho National Labs to harness nuclear and steam power, and will be demonstrated with LSB Industries, Inc. to decarbonize the industrial and agricultural sectors. Internationally, the technology is used in South Korea.

Sharelynn MooreExecutive Vice President and Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer, Bloom Energy, said:

Through domestic production of technologies such as Bloom Energy’s electrolyser, we are moving towards American energy independence, as well as a sustainable market for clean hydrogen, which is essential for decarbonizing hard-to-reduce industries like fertilizer, steel, cement and aviation.

“Our employees work every day to overcome one of humanity’s greatest challenges, and today’s grand opening celebrates their strength and ability to transform a thriving manufacturing facility into a world-class facility committed to a secure, net-zero energy future.”

The Bloom electrolyzer supports a path for hydrogen to become economically accessible by producing hydrogen up to 45% more efficiently than PEM and alkaline electrolyzers when combined with external heat.

By operating at high temperatures, Bloom’s electrolyser consumes 15% less electricity than other electrolyser technologies when electricity is the only input source.

This allows the Bloom electrolyzer to be deployed in a wide variety of commercial hydrogen applications, using multiple energy sources, including intermittent renewable energy and excess heat in manufacturing facilities and businesses. .

Electrolyser production demonstrates growing momentum in clean energy manufacturing in the United States after the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed earlier this year, which backs technologies and mechanisms funds that will make America’s clean energy transition a reality.

In addition to its work on the East Coast, Bloom Energy marked the expansion of its growing American manufacturing footprint in July, with the grand opening of its new state-of-the-art, 164,000-square-foot, multi-gigawatt facility in Fremont, California.

This facility represents a $200 million investment and is expected to create more than 400 additional clean energy jobs by the end of the year, bringing Bloom’s California workforce to nearly 2,000 people in addition to its 715 Delaware employees.

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Bloom Energy Inaugurates High-Volume Electrolyser Production Line, NEWARK, Delaware, November 2, 2022

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