Blackrock Neurotech Acquires MindX to Help Create Brain-Computer Interface Products


Gerhardt is employed by Blackrock. Brown is employed by MindX.

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In a company press release, Blackrock Neurotech announced the acquisition of spatial computing software company MindX to bolster its development of technologically advanced brain-computer interface products.

“By merging our hardware DNA with their software DNA, we enhance our neural data analysis and enable flexibility and customization for a variety of BCI applications,” Marcus Gerhardt, Blackrock’s co-founder and CEO said in the statement. “Furthermore, the ability to expand applications through spatial software and [augmented reality] exponentially advances our marketing goals.

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According to the release, the use of BCI in clinical applications is supported by user-friendly software that decodes neural activity and translates brain signals into digital commands, which MindX provides with its proprietary spatial neuroinformatics technology. When used in combination with decoded biological data, this integrated BCI platform has the potential to stimulate interaction between patients, their physical environments and the digital world and offer hope for quality of life and of increased autonomy.

“I can’t think of a better way to get this technology into the hands of the patients who need it than by bringing two talented teams together and merging Blackrock hardware with the capabilities of MindX software,” Julia Brown, founder and CEO of MindX, said in the statement.

Blackrock plans to launch MoveAgain, the first commercial BCI platform, in early 2023.

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