Biozek Medical implements environmentally friendly processes in its newest manufacturing facility


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 20, 2021 / Biozek Medical has completed construction of its newest manufacturing facility, demonstrating its commitment to green initiatives and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. The corporate team of Biozek Medical has created plans to improve the ecological impact of the company through the implementation of measures aimed at the conservation of resources, the elimination of discharged pollutants, the prevention of pollution, waste minimization and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Biozek Medical has initiated policies and procedures, as well as updated and adjusted a wide range of production processes with the aim of reducing pollution. This will result in reduced emissions. Many conservation techniques to use less water and energy will be implemented in the new facility that have already been implemented in other facilities, such as energy efficient production equipment, energy efficient lighting and software. resource management.

In addition to using environmentally friendly packaging, such as environmentally friendly inks, Biozek Medical’s manufacturing facility has reduced the use of ocean-bound plastics through packaging practices. responsible, and the company strives to achieve “zero waste to landfill” status through a variety of waste minimization methods and the reuse of many production materials. Liquids, gases, and solids are all potential wastes that could be generated throughout the manufacturing process. As part of their efforts to limit the amount of waste produced, Biozek Medical has implemented measures to dispose of what they can, reuse what they can and recycle what they cannot avoid throwing away. In order to reduce waste, measures that have been used to date include, but are not limited to: recycling of clean air and natural gas, use of water reuse systems, waste recovery industrial solvents for the reuse and acquisition of recycled materials when available. By using automated scrubbers, steam cleaners and sonic cleaners that wash and rinse in situ, waste reduction can be achieved by minimizing the amount of labor required to clean production equipment. This reduces the time spent handling hard-to-clean equipment.

Aiming to expand its successes in developing environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, Biozek Medical recognizes that tackling climate change, while remaining a difficult issue for business and society, is a priority that must be addressed immediately. .

About Biozek Medical

Biozek Medical is a Netherlands-based biotechnology company known throughout the medical industry as a solution provider. It provides customers with accurate and cost-effective test equipment by partnering with renowned medical supply manufacturers. Biozek seeks to capitalize on the increased demand for point-of-care testing kits that has accompanied the decentralization of hospitals and increased specialization within medical facilities. Biozek aims to improve people’s health with a new generation of tests for women’s health, infectious diseases and tumor markers.

Through the development of new technological platforms and new business processes, Biozek has opened up new technical-business areas in the point-of-service testing industry. In a short time, Biozek has become a world leader in in vitro diagnostic products as well as rapid tests. Biozek rapid tests for COVID-19, dengue, syphilis and other infectious diseases are recognized as world-class products. In an effort to help the medical community deal with the current pandemic, Biozek has created a collection of COVID-19 rapid tests that offer rapid and accurate results: the COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Test, which uses samples serum or plasma, and two Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Tests, which are performed either by nasal or throat swab or by saliva extraction.

Biozek Medical has an established reputation for providing a wide range of innovative diagnostic solutions to customers around the world. Biozek specializes in the research and development of medical diagnostic and immunodiagnostic tools, as well as IVD products and point-of-care test kits. By combining the latest Biozek rapid tests with the latest electronic technologies, he continues to find innovative solutions for the medical community and create a better workflow for healthcare facilities. For more information, visit

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