Bilingual pop artist TACEY’s latest creation ‘Conmigo’ is an upbeat and uplifting rhythmic magnificence


Latin music is one of the most popular genres across the world with so many talented musicians enriching the musical form in various ways. Aspiring young pop singer TACEY is the newest jewel of the Latin music industry, a huge amount of talent and creativity in the scene. She just released a brand new soundtrack, Conmigosurprise Latin music lovers around the world. The song is a brilliant manifestation of his extraordinary creative artistry and singing abilities compiled under one roof. The thematically gifted artist brings the soft and seductive lyrical illustrations to life through her hypnotic vocal performance and storytelling skills.

The American pop singer is the new gem of the global Latin music industry. Although she was an avid fan of all things music from a young age, she officially got involved in the mainstream music industry after being discovered by Grammy Award-winning record producer, Damon Elliott, at the age of 15. American pop singer is a hard worker and truly passionate about her music career. Using her unique artistry, the multi-talented musician seeks to create a soundscape that is not only fresh, sweet and upbeat, but has a prominent flavor of sex appeal, power and swagger.

Being a passionate and creative artist, TACEY always tries to add original and exclusive melodic elements to his music. She is a bilingual artist who is fluent in singing in English and Spanish. His refreshing musical versatility is what attracts listeners the most. His latest single, ‘Conmigo’ is a great example of what she is capable of in terms of singing and storytelling. The track comes with a brilliant music video that has gained over 12,000 views on YouTube in just a few days, which is a huge achievement for an aspiring artist. Visit her website and follow her on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Twitterand instagram for more updates.

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