Biden should increase US production, not dictators, for oil


Joe Biden was for Russian oil before being against it.

He was for the Russian Nord Stream II gas pipeline before also being against it.

Ditto the 29 Polish MiG fighter jets he wanted to send to Ukraine, which he then opposed.

Having served in the US Senate for 36 years, Biden was for and against a lot over the years.

The Senate is a place where you can be on both sides of an issue and take credit for your position, depending on the circumstances.

The classic example is Biden’s friend John Kerry, with whom Biden served in the US Senate. A 2003 presidential candidate, Kerry was criticized for voting in favor of an $87 billion appropriation to fund the war in Iraq.

In response, Kerry said, “I actually voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it.”

So don’t be surprised if Biden, a man with a jelly spine, soon comes out in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline he shut down on the first day of his presidency in his war on US-generated energy. .

It all depends on the soundings and the direction of the wind. And right now, as gasoline prices hit historic highs, the wind is blowing against it. Polls too.

Biden, who championed the import of Russian oil following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, quickly retreated after hitting bottom in polls on the issue. Now he is against it, just as he is against the completion of the Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline, which he previously supported.

He only changed his mind about Russian oil after he was hammered by the public and politicians for importing it as Vladimir Putin used the money to fund his army’s slaughter of women and children in Ukraine.

Biden is a follower, not a leader.

It followed the progressive fanatics of the anti-fossil fuel Green New Deal movement when it was launched with great fanfare.

Obsessed with electric cars, wind and solar power, Biden not only shut down the Keystone XL pipeline on the first day of his presidency, but he reversed nearly all of President Donald Trump’s pro-drilling policies that made the United States not only energy independent, but an energy exporter.

Rather than restore Trump’s policy, making the United States energy independent again, Biden will look for oil in other countries.

In a short time, Biden has taken a strong and energetic country and turned it into a weakened nation so short of cheap energy that he is begging the Saudis and OPEC countries to increase their oil production so that we can buy it at ever-increasing prices.

And the Saudis, in a deteriorating relationship with Biden, are not even answering his calls.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Sheikh Mohammed bi Zayed of the United Arab Emirates have refused US requests to speak to the president about “turning on the tap”.

After refusing to speak to Biden, the two Arab leaders took phone calls from Vladimir Putin.

Biden, the leader of the world’s largest democracy, is now yearning for dictators like Nicol Maduros in Venezuela for oil to ease the pain at the gas pump his policies have created.

In 2019, the Trump administration openly backed Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido in an effort to unseat Maduros, who turned the country into a police state while destroying the country’s once-thriving economy. The plan failed.

Now Biden, shunned by the Saudis, wants to buy Maduros’ oil to make up for the shortages he created while improving Maduros’ brutal image.

Additionally, Biden wants to buy oil from Iran, a country that is developing a nuclear weapon which he openly promises to use first on Israel and then on the United States.

Apparently, he thinks he can turn those daily chants of “Death to America” ​​into “Oil for America.” Yes indeed.

How low can Joe go?

House GOP Minority Whip Steve Scalise got it right when he said, “President Biden, stop begging dictators to produce the energy we need here in America. Don’t go to Russia. Don’t go to Iran. Don’t go to Venezuela when the answer is right under our feet.

Dig, Joe, dig.

Peter Lucas is a veteran journalist and political columnist from Massachusetts.

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