‘Bands of Enchantment’ moves production


Those on social media may have noticed that the company that produced the musical TV series “Bands of Enchantment” in Tucumcari about 18 months ago has resumed production in Albuquerque for its second season.

Elkhorn Entertainment began filming 10 nationwide musical performances at Albuquerque Rail Yards Market earlier this month and is expected to wrap production next week.

During production of the first season of “Bands of Enchantment” in the spring of 2021, the city of Tucumcari gave Elkhorn $120,000 in tenant tax funds to help cover some of these costs. Elkhorn, who envisions the show as a New Mexico version of PBS’s “Austin City Limits,” spent several weeks in Tucumcari filming performances by nationally touring and New Mexico-based artists.

Last fall, Elkhorn requested $300,000 from motel tax funds for Season 2, but that was too high a figure for city officials who saw little discernible return from tourism on the investment.

“Bands of Enchantment” creator Ken Peterson said last week that Elkhorn tried to find a national sponsor that would drop that number, but to no avail.

Peterson said his company couldn’t apply to the city for funding without that sponsor, so Elkhorn started looking elsewhere.

Brenna Moore, director of communications at the Albuquerque Office of Tourism, said in an email Friday that the “Bands of Enchantment” production received a grant from the New Mexico Department of Tourism’s Cooperative Marketing Grants Program.

“The total media buy of $300,000 was supported by a 2:1 match, meaning the New Mexico Department of Tourism provided $200,000 and Visit Albuquerque provided $100,000,” wrote Moore.

Peterson added that Elkhorn would not have been eligible for New Mexico Film Office tax credits until its production cost reached $500,000.

In the meantime, “Bands of Enchantment: Tucumcari Sessions” continues to air on PBS-TV stations in San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, Nashville, Memphis, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Jacksonville, North Carolina and more. markets.

Counting the PBS app, the show has a potential reach of over 220 million viewers. Reruns of the episodes will continue for another 18 months.

The first season of “Bands of Enchantment” was also recently added to the tuBee platform and its 52 million subscriber base.

“He gets incredible reach and has generated a lot of praise,” Peterson said.

Peterson said he remains proud of the work Elkhorn has done in Tucumcari. He said co-executive producer Vince T. Chavez recently dropped off 500 “Bands of Enchantment” t-shirts and other items at Tucumcari businesses and entities while on his way to Albuquerque.

“We will always find a way to work with Tucumcari,” Peterson said.

With that remark, Peterson was asked if Elkhorn had left the door open to work with Tucumcari on a future production.

He said he couldn’t be specific, but acknowledged there was a possibility of it happening.

“It’s pretty amazing how the show turned out,” he said.

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