AU holds ceremony for new science and math building


AUGUSTA, Ga (WRDW / WAGT) – It’s big, it’s new, and there is hope that the building will change the landscape both literally and figuratively at the University of Augusta.

“The bridge connecting the Science and Mathematics Building and the Interdisciplinary Research Building is more than a convenient form of transportation, it is a recognition and realization of the idea that we are better together,” said the Dr Brooks Keel, President of the AU.

We hear it all the time, careers in science, technology and math are the future. Augusta University put that in stone on Thursday. They cut the ribbon for their new science and math building.


These drawings have turned the page of reality. And within these walls, they hope there will be new ways of thinking.

Much of the attention on Thursday was on this magnificent new $ 70 million building. Attention to detail creating an exciting aesthetic. The huge windows bring in so much natural light. But it’s not just about the beauty of the building, but the grandeur that goes on inside.

“I feel like I can do the things that are expected of me, no matter what class I’m in, because all the resources are there for me. So it’s kind of a self-esteem boost so it’s not that difficult because I actually have the means to do everything and we have you know our superiors who have been on the same path as us must refer to, ”said Marianne Rojas, junior, biology student.

The new $ 70 million math and science building is at the heart of the campus. It is a space for undergraduates and graduates to learn from each other. Connected to the interdisciplinary research building, it is more than a simple walk to the laboratory.

“It’s a recognition and realization of the idea that we are better together,” said Karson Welty, graduate student, MS in Biological and Computational Mathematics.

Researchers, medical professionals, scientists and mathematicians all learn with each other not only in laboratories, but also in open hallways lined with whiteboards and study rooms for students.

“It’s more than symbolism. It’s really a chance for them to say that someday it’ll be me that I’ll wear this white blouse someday and it’s a very special place to be, ”said Keel.

The AU’s goal is to maintain its first-year doctoral students and have 16,000 students enrolled by 2030. And this building is just the beginning.

“It’s very exciting and empowering and you feel like you can do it, it’s very, you feel very capable here,” Rojas said.

There is still work to be done on the fourth floor. AU hopes to be finished within a year and a half. Otherwise, the students have had fun running it in since the start of the school year.

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