Asiwaju: Pa Fasoranti’s endorsement is in line with creation, ethics of Afenifere-Adewale



The upcoming election has unraveled many tones running through the crisis in some political groups over who to vote for and who not to vote for.

The latest is the Afenifere group and other associations in the South West that the APC presidential candidate, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, has visited to obtain their endorsement.

After being endorsed by many leaders in the Southwest, including former Afenifere group leader Ruben Fasoranti, the group’s new acting leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, rejected his endorsement, and there were backlashes. negative about what could have motivated this decision.

Speaking on this recent development on TVC Breakfast, public affairs commentator Ayodele Adewale said that in every society there needs to be leaders, especially in communities.

Afenifere according to Mr. Adewale is a pan Yoruba socio-cultural group that primarily protects the interests of the Yoruba nation and all things related to the Yoruba people.

He added that there are also political interests within this structure, because politics also determines the well-being of human activity.

“The leaders are there to make sure everything goes well, and especially in a state like Nigeria, where you have a multi-ethnic interest, Afenifere also becomes a fulcrum to protect that interest.

“What is happening now is a case of interest, but the supreme interest should be the interest in which the organization was founded, and that is the interest to protect primarily that of the Yoruba people.

“I don’t think Pa Fasoranti went too far to approve Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu based on this primary interest of existence.

“He consulted from very far away the video I saw and the nomenclature of the people who were there, they are eminent Yoruba who fought very strongly to keep the interest of the Yoruba nation on the table in the Nigerian state.

“Some of them also fought for Nigeria not to be divided, especially in general.” said Mr. Adewale.

The public affairs commentator said that the issue should not be flagellated too much but one should look at the foundation basis of the organization which is to protect the interests of the Yoruba people.

“If Pa Fasoranti endorsed a Yoruba man, it is in line with the creation and ethos of this organization.

“Looking at what Nigeria is facing now, it is not about pettiness but skill, which can bail us out

“Today the dollar is around 815, it’s very appalling. We are dealing with issues of insecurity and a lot of those things.

Mr Adewale recalled that when Asiwaju became governor of Lagos in 1999, Nigeria also faced many of these problems, especially insecurity. Even though he could not create a state police then, he created the RRS and equipped and funded them further.

According to him, Asiwaju has created a sustainable structure by creating a flow of resources that always supports the RRS, regardless of the budget inherited, which is very competitive, by considering different requests here, there and everywhere.

“Asiwaju created lasting structures that would create wealth after leaving office.”

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